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Poll: Would you like to see changes to Some Unit Description? (33 votes)
Units Description(.UCS) Development Project. (Games : Dawn of War : Mods : Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS) : Forum : Feedback : Units Description(.UCS) Development Project.) Locked
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Apr 15 2013 Anchor

As an example of how it goes.

UltimateApocalypse\Locale\English\*.UCS wrote: 18011131 Plague Bearers
18011132 - Monstrous strong melee unit; challenge rating of 9.
18011133 - Poisons victims with every melee attack; can be deepstriked from the Sacrificial Circle.
18011134 - Cannot capture Strategic Points; slow moving monstrous creatures; max squad loadout is below average.

Please Do Not Play with the .UCS or Booooommmm....

These are the regular layout of the Unit descriptions in the .UCS.
They are called on by the unit ingame so you get something that pops up to read about.

The projects Idea is to Develop some real descriptions and some better descriptions for the DOW units.

The example is just to give you an idea of the layout and limitations.
Instead of adding in numbers, you could just put "???????????????".
Or if you found Grammatical errors you could copy the numbers and change the grammatical errors.
Remember a Human has to do this, So use the complete description collection.

If you like words and you like the units ingame, try putting together using as much lore/fluff as you feel is appropriate. :)
Remember time.

I hope you enjoy yourself.
And please remember not to play with the *.UCS. :)

Apr 15 2013 Anchor

RT2 wrote: The projects Idea is to Develop some real descriptions and some better descriptions for the DOW units.

What the? Are you mad?

Dood, the ucs revamp was necessary to indicate what each and every unit does. DOW's old ucs is limited in information.

Ucs is a long process, there is NO WAY for me to change this up. I like it this way.

RT2 wrote: Instead of adding in numbers, you could just put "???????????????".

What is this?

EDIT: Very, very, very, very, very long god process of doom. I don't think descriptions deserve to be "improved" they are fine as is! At least not by me.

Edit2: Wait is this a report a ucs description for a unit and not the whole ucs in general thread?

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Apr 16 2013 Anchor

Not the whole UCS.
A unit description and bug finding initiative. :P

Remember more then me and you see this man... And someone might get motivated. :P
More then Just UA read this don't they?

You mightn't remember the UCS statements. I sent you months ago as you get lost in code?
Remember when I was sending you models with Icons. UCS, Hardpoints?
This is just for a potential unit description, not the whole UCS.... :P
How easily time takes our recall. :)

Remember this is not making you more work, it is allowing players to express themselves. :)

And remember there is more then you working on this mod and there are potentially more modders that haven't joined yet. :)

Corsix makes it look so easy. :P

UI_info -> help_text_list

Calls on UCS positions. :P

Am I wrong?

CTRL-F in notepad is a wonder that never ceases to allow you to find the old UCS desc... :P
Ctrl-C Ctrl-V. :P

Apr 16 2013 Anchor

Epic reply man. Epic.





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