Introduction: UAC:Warfare is a Modification for Quake IV made by Raven Software. Our Modification will enhance the vanilla Quake IV with additional and changed elements. Gameplay, movement and even visuals are changed in many ways to get an improved and intense Multiplayer experience. The History: UAC:Warfare started as a DooM³ Modification back in 2004/2005. Our intention was to show the possibilities of the DooM³ Engine to render outdoor environments at decent framerates with more than 4 players. We had a good amount of stuff coded and designed but the lack of online players made us change to Quake IV. Althought we lost a lot of code and had to retexture and even redesign big parts of UAC:W we never thought that the switch was a mistake. Small changes like the finally working inline mode for mapobjects or the improved netcode with Playerclasses in Singleplayer made it worth the switch. We now have a rock-solid base for our planned features. The Features: UAC:Warfare will add a lot...

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