Troy : Divine Playground is a multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) putting the emphasis on cooperative gameplay. It is a total conversion of the famous Half-Life 2 game. The mod is the final project of seven students in software engineering at the University of Sherbrooke. Most of the core members of the team have real experience in different game companies. T:DP is all about defending and assaulting bases in a Greek setting – with an emphasis on teamwork. Players – agents of the Gods – will influence the tide of the Great Trojan War by possessing and controlling soldiers on the field. Customize your character with a unique skill system and use strategic mechanisms to dominate the battlefield! Troy: Divine Playground website

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Troy: Divine Playground is out!

News 18 comments

Troy: Divine Playground 1.0 is out! Be sure to review the manual before playing the game, as there is much to learn before you can make a difference in...

Troy: Divine Playground release!

News 20 comments

Troy: Divine Playground will be released in one week! The team has worked hard for this to happen, and I would first want to thank all of them for their...

Troy: Divine Playground Chrismas trailer!

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It’s been a long 3 months since the last update – the team went undercover, working hard on the mod. We showed the project to our professors and to...

Gameplay trailer

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Tory: Devine Playground is nearing its completion date and the team has released a gameplay trailer which can be found on their site: The video showcases...

Troy: Divine Playground September update!

Troy: Divine Playground September update!

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Troy: Divine Playground is back! We've been away all summer for our internships, but some members still managed to create content. Gus produced a...

Troy: Divine Playground May update


Good news everyone, we finished our first internal prototype! As you may be aware, the core coding team is doing this project as their final project in...

March T:DP mod update


Here is our March media update: two new weapon renders and a video showing the making of the sound effects for Troy : Divine Playground. The video is...

Troy: Divine Playground update!

Troy: Divine Playground update!


The candy of the week: a list of the weapons you’ll have to master to dominate the battlefield! Dez has done a sketch for most of them, and their descriptions...

First Troy: Divine Playground media update!


This is our first media release for Troy: Divine Playground. Dez has been working hard to determine the look and differences of the two armies (Greeks...

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