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Welcome to Tropical Life RPG!

Tropico is a beautiful set of islands off the coast of California, the heat is simmering, with lots of leisure attractions, palm trees, exotic foods, amazing scenery and above all, lots of opportunities!We are currently putting a brand new RP mod together the for ArmA 3 community to enjoy. Our aim is to bring you as much fun as possible with this small map of three islands consisting of 1 city and 3 towns and a beatiful seaside resort. Tropico (The state capital) is a large city with many local amenities including a hospital, convenience store, a market, a car dealership, Tropico bank, a gun store, delivery depot and of course the Presidential palace, a must see for tourists.

Blackrock seaside resort is located on the beach, to the south of the main island. There are many top leisure attractions within this buzzing resort including the famous Pyramid casino, Jesters nightclub, Nitro indoor) go-karting, Blackrock cinema, Blackrock pier, a renowned luxury car dealership and of course, one of the top beeches on the planet! Blackrock really is an amazing place to visit.

There is an airport located on the eastern island, unfortunately of late there has been reports of illegal drugs coming through here, this problem is due to illegal immigrants fleeing here from third world countries. To fight the war on drugs, the chief of police has set up a police checkpoint between the eastern island and the main island to combat drug trafficking in the area.

Legal jobs

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Gambling
  • Delivery missions
  • Taxiing
  • Picking bananas, coconuts and oranges
  • Coal mining
  • Become president
  • bodyguard for the President
  • Steel mining
  • Gold mining

Illegal jobs:

  • Bank robberies
  • Business robberies
  • Ecstasy dealer
  • Weed dealer
  • Cocaine dealer
  • Selling of stolen vehicles
  • Robbing houses
  • Player robberies
  • Turtle poaching

Much more to be announced, for now we will be withholding other things being implemented until our launch or nearer to that time. Feel free to follow us on twitter and feel free to message myself via moddb.


Tropical Life

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We are playing around with some basic ideas with regards to the new custom leisure features. Please let us know what you think about the general shape of the cinema as all feedback is much appreciated. Please be aware that we are on the lookout for any experienced devs looking to get involved in what will be an awesome mod when released..


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jamy702 - - 14 comments

Hey guys I like the Idea of this as It does remind me of Cicada life and I pretty much enjoyed that and wish to join you guys My skills include a very extensive knowledge of teamspeak 3 permission development and Channel devolpment along with custom image editing software and skills and would enjoy joining and supporting you guys in anyway possible

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Rambo_98 - - 1 comments

Hey man , Would we be able to talk sometime? I will leave a link to my steam profile here, I got 5 Developers.

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Lewi1998 - - 1 comments

This looks and sounds as though it would be amazing. I've done a lot of admin work (creating rules, requirements etc) in previous communities on ArmA 2 Island Life but never really got into the nitty gritty coding etc. the most I ever did was simple skin changes for civs etc. so I can only imagine how much hard work you guys must be putting in XD If you ever need a Alpha/Beta tester then I'd be happy to help out. Keep up the great work guys.

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sargken - - 6 comments

im from syndicate gaming and we were working on a project like this we just needed a different map. Because Altis is to big but We have around 20 to 30 cars that we were going to use. If you guys are interested in a merger let me know and we can make one hell of a Modded life. if you want to check out our website its teamspeak is if you have any ? or concerns you can meet me Ken on Teamspeak I get home around 4 PM CST. With both of our work put together i think we can make something great.

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Tropiclife Creator
Tropiclife - - 5 comments

I have sent you a private message :)

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removethisprofile - - 431 comments

why dont you guys making your life mods on games where it fits ? for example grand theft auto ?

arma 3 is a sandbox, yes, but a MILITARY sandbox. i dont know what is so fun to get arrested by 14 years old kids who think they are mr. law and order on a game which isnĀ“t made for types like this ?

also, life mods did enough damage to the arma community by stealing other addons and porting models from other games and making money with them.
arma 3:life mod is the best example.

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Tropiclife Creator
Tropiclife - - 5 comments


Life mods are in popular demand and some people find them much more fun than general military simulation. The issue with the mentioned mod is (from what I gather) an issue with using these addons for monetary gain. The licenses do not permit this and credit must be given in return to the creator.

We will be using a few interesting objects with permission but primarily creating them from scratch, we are in no way connected to any other mod.


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removethisprofile - - 431 comments

"Life mods are in popular demand and some people find them much more fun than general military simulation." lol then why creating it on a military sandbox game ? and why buying it instead of going to grand theft auto which has already most stuff for a life roleplay game ?

no need to contaminate arma 3 with life/rpg stuff. also, garrys mod has life/rpg elements too and it provides things like flyable helicopter, planes, drivable cars etc too.

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Tropiclife Creator
Tropiclife - - 5 comments

It doesn't contaminate it if you choose not to play on them,the beauty of arma is that it is widely accessible.

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Tropiclife Creator
Tropiclife - - 5 comments

I personally like the way ArmA 3 works and I am sure others feel the same. I personally don't like GTA or Garry's mod and we are making this mod for people like us. Hey man if you don't like life mods, don't play em :)

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Grimpast - - 477 comments

I think if a so called life mod creator would make unique buildings, characters, environment models, thus he would support the communty with interesting and usable maps and addons, it would be a good service. Not on the other way around, when the life modder just randonmly merge some mods he likes. About this mod: Sandbox is sandbox, and with good programming it is a big fun. Also, a tropical-themed map is a good idea.

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Tropiclife Creator
Tropiclife - - 5 comments

Hi, I agree that we must have a lot of custom objects/buildings. We have requested permission to use some rare/new objects that we like the look of but will be primarily custom from the ground up. This mod is being created because we simply believe that current life mods could and should be so much better.

I think a tropical life map is the way forward, we would also like to keep the map smaller than say altis or cherno, taking away all that unnecessary empty space. Sometimes it feels as though you are the only player on the server. Hopefully we will see some decent fps from a smaller map too :).

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