Trigun takes place in a world where the peoples hearts are as dry as the land they fail to sow. The sheriff may be more corrupt than the criminals that he throws into jail. The main character of the anime is Vash. He is a lone gunman on the search and every town he visits tries to claim the 60 billion dollar bounty that just so convienently floats over his head. Bounty hunters come from across the globe to get the bounty , dead or alive. His brother Knives seeks to slay humanity to make a private eden for himself and Vash. For Vash and Knives are both not human at all , they are plants. Plants are an organic creation that man made to make life easier. Vash and Knives were both freed at birth. With a respectful leader , a devoted and true team we can create a better planned and fully completed mod. I have a good background in mapping , coding , an understanding of modeling *

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Not dead

Not dead

News 3 comments

I've received a couple of questions if this mod is dead and..

3rd person perspective implemented


Yeah 3rd person works now. Sorry for the lack of updates. We really do need some modelers and mappers. 2d artists wouldn't be too bad either. Don't...

VC++ 2005 Working!Stuff Ingame (no pics yet)

News 1 comment

Yeah, i got the compiler working finally. so we can port all those guns we got ingame into the current production of the mod. Sorry for the lack of updates...

Singleplayer now


Sweet thanks BDN :D. Sorry we haven't posted up much news lately. We've decided to release the mod in episodic content, so we can get it out...

New trailer!


Hey there folks! I, BDNeon of Public Relations and mapping, have decided to give you a little tidbit of media to keep your hopes up while we continue...



News 14 comments

When we started the mod we had an aim, to make the best Trigun mod the world had ever seen. At the start, and I'll be the first to admit this, we...

Cross Punisher Complete & New Staff

Cross Punisher Complete & New Staff

News 21 comments

Ok so we have the mesh for the cross punisher now compelte. With a BIG thanks to Luche or Luke Dann (whichever he wants to be called). We have begun with...

Anthuzad our new character modeler


yes we have a new character modeler , Anthuzad :D . this shall massivly improve progress :D

Modeling Has BEGUN


I've already begun on vash & knives' gun model. it's 50% complete , *not inlcluding UV map* and scaling. Modelers are still free to join...

Hi From The New Staff


Hi my name is Tsumiki (FDM=FutureDomeModding) I am one of 3 GFX designers on the Permanent Vacation mod, just a quick post to introduce Myself, BDNeon...

The future.


Oh , alllso the game will firstly be released as Trigun:Permanent Vacation , and then there will be *kinda like an expansion to it ish that will come...

Photoshopper :D


we got a photoshopper to do our hud , backdrop and everything beautifully. I'm taking a C++ course , but we do already have round 2 - 3 coders. I've...

Trigun is back!


Yes we hope to make a trigun mod , but this is not the same leadership or mod team or anything. The previous mod, Tefp which is now dead. Not because...

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