You don't know what happened. You are trapped in a House with someone, who could it be? The only memory you have left is that you have a brother.

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Pretty good, I will say that it relies on cheap jumpscares a bit, albeit they are very effective, haha, this guy knows how to do it anyways. A bit of "challenge" in Amnesia terms (because dying doesn't really punish you" but there are good enemy placements, and a bit of hunting for items, it is quite fun, and I enjoyed it. Map design is descent enough, not great or amazing, but alright.


all the time the monster appear it's so difficult the final part


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Pretty good.


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For the cheap scares and monsters around every corner, it's only 7. Please learn to build atmosphere by using other means :)
Otherwise it was playable and not bad.

It was ok. Not the best, and it was to aimed toward pewdie, remember other people play too.

a typical 'pewdiepie-story' and i cant play them anymore...mapping wasnt that good too. use more entities to fill rooms (especially the huge 'hall') but anyways go on (but pls without these pewdie-scares...)


Just... I don't even know what to say. It was horrible, and I mean stupid horrible. Fail grammar, fail scares... fail custom story.


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