This mods aim is to put new breath back into halo's graphics. This mod does not make many gameplay changes, although will make things look alot better! Remember, the things that you see in the mod will only be able to be seen by you, others will not see the effects you see. ex. If you play online, on someone elses server, the bullets will take the default time to reach their targets and do their default damage. In this mod, if you create a server, the bullet time feature will kick in for you but others wont see the effect. ex. If you see a huge explosion, others wont. They will only see the default explosion in Halo. Because this mod is only aimed at multiplayer, you will only be able to see the changes in the map BloodGulch (the only MP map in halo trial anyway). Things that are already included in the mod: MORE BLOOD! ^^ More sparks and particles! You can "see" bullets traveling to their targets (a very cool feature) Dynamic lighting added to many other projectiles and...

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