Part 1 was released in 2013, but was broken by the Steampipe 2016 update. It is officially not working at this point and no longer in development. There's a fix by Malortie, who managed to reverse engineer parts of the mod and get it running under Source SDK 2013. I am extremely grateful for his efforts - and while it is playable from start to finish - it's using binaries meant for HL2 so the AI, animations and weapons may not work as originally intended and I cannot officially support it. If you'd like to follow my latest project, Trepang2 is a spiritual sequel and you can try out the demo.

Shirk says

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I give this mod a solid 3 out of 10.


- Main menu music is boring, and not very well made.
- Voice acting is probably some of the worst Ive heard in a mod. Both the script for the voice actors, and the actors them selves were very poorly done. The equipment that recorded the voices is obviously low quality, you could hear a slight echo.
- The new gun sounds were alright, they did make the guns sound "beefier" but the sounds also didn't fit for the guns, and some were too loud.

Graphics/Level Design

- Very poorly optimized, planned, and executed.
- Most buildings were extremely plain, they did not follow to Half-Lifes European city theme.
- Lighting was dull and boring, there was next to no ambiance or mood in the maps and interiors were generally lacking the interior look.
- The particles for impacts aren't optimized and cause lag.
- The layout of the maps are pretty boring as well, generally consisting of straight streets and alleys.
- Lots of scripting errors causing sounds to replay over and over (Voices telling me multiple times to head to the top floor, even after I finished the objective)


- First level throws you straight into combat, not a very good way to start.
- Gunplay is very COD-esque (Not a good thing) and gets boring very fast.
- Movement has been nerfed, move much slower and cant forward strafe.
- Drifted away from the core HL2 feeling, adding ironsights, health regeneration, bullet penetration, ect.
- No direction to go, as well as getting rid of the flashlight
- Overall it is very very lackluster.

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This mod didnt get my attention on the moddb page but hey. This mod is "overwhelming" like in the first level you start shooting and blasting everything you see outha nowhere! wich is fun ;P though the first two levels couldf used more Detail like the last 2-3 levels! The city is SO ugly! and flat and empty! the there's almost "nothing" in the skybox on the second level witch makes me sad :( Though after you buckled trough that you get to the 3 level. Witch is lots of fun and stress since you get…

Jan 12 2013 by AncientT