!!!README!!!! Part 1 was released in 2013, but was broken by the Steampipe 2016 update. It is officially not working at this point and no longer in development. There's a fix by Malortie, who managed to reverse engineer parts of the mod and get it running under Source SDK 2013. I am extremely grateful for his efforts - and while it is playable from start to finish - it's using binaries meant for HL2 so the AI, animations and weapons may not work as originally intended and I cannot officially support it. If you'd like to follow my latest project, Trepang2 is a spiritual sequel and you can try out the demo.

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I enjoyed this mod, i like the ironsights and new sounds, altho' voiceacting is not really the best and pretty quiet.
The lake of a soundtrack made the gunbattles kinda empty after some time, i mean, sure, we got these loud shootouts but after a while it gets a bit boring without music.
Speaking of gunbattles, i noticed the guns pack more of a punch and thats good, my favorit was the silenced AK, but the standart SMG feels a bit too weak, i would really wish for it to do more damage.
Also i found a few bugs here and there, but nothing gamebreaking.
Some places of the maps where just too dark, and not having a flashlight made it even more of a pain to navigate through the dark.
What i really liked where those large scale battles between citizen/rebels and combines (sometimes zombies), and after about 2 deaths i learned not to rush behind enemy lines so quickly, because the reworked AI would blow me to bits, especialy with the shotgun.
All in all, i like this mod, with a few tweeks here and there, it would be even better, might even get a 9/10 rating

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This mod didnt get my attention on the moddb page but hey. This mod is "overwhelming" like in the first level you start shooting and blasting everything you see outha nowhere! wich is fun ;P though the first two levels couldf used more Detail like the last 2-3 levels! The city is SO ugly! and flat and empty! the there's almost "nothing" in the skybox on the second level witch makes me sad :( Though after you buckled trough that you get to the 3 level. Witch is lots of fun and stress since you get…

Jan 12 2013 by AncientT