!!!README!!!! Part 1 was released in 2013, but was broken by the Steampipe 2016 update. It is officially not working at this point and no longer in development. There's a fix by Malortie, who managed to reverse engineer parts of the mod and get it running under Source SDK 2013. I am extremely grateful for his efforts - and while it is playable from start to finish - it's using binaries meant for HL2 so the AI, animations and weapons may not work as originally intended and I cannot officially support it. If you'd like to follow my latest project, Trepang2 is a spiritual sequel and you can try out the demo.

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This mod didnt get my attention on the moddb page but hey.

This mod is "overwhelming" like in the first level you start shooting and
blasting everything you see outha nowhere!
wich is fun ;P

though the first two levels couldf used more Detail like the last 2-3 levels!

The city is SO ugly! and flat and empty!
the there's almost "nothing" in the skybox on the second level witch makes me sad :(

Though after you buckled trough that you get to the 3 level.
Witch is lots of fun and stress since you get Pumbled by an "army" of ZOMBIES! The level design there is Lots and lots of better! there's more detail there's buildings and whatnot! i do not understand how that happend! the sudden change of detail.

Now the gameplay is fun! even with the ironsides.
sometimes i forgot that i had an ironside witch made me move into cover alot. hl feeling is still there :)

Even if i turn the volume down i can almost not hear the characters say anything! The guns are too LOUD the make my ears bleed! when i found out you guys had silencers i got mad because you didnt put it in at the very beginning of the game. WHEN MY EARS WEREN'T BLEEDING!

so i avoided the ar2 and smg ALOT! only the ak47 was sustainable but loud also.

Turn those Baby's DOWN!

Bugs at second level @-@
can go true some walls and there's a CLEAR hole in the wrecked building. @Radio.

Characters sound boring!
-Not talking seriously!
(Like they speak like if there was nothing happening! take hl2 characters for example: they are always serious when the rebelion striked! all serious and emotional, talking like if they where serious mad man, not happy at all, tired etc...)

Last levels = "Perfect" 3-4-5
Fun and beautiful!

good job though. could'f gotten more impressed if the beginning of the levels had more trash/detail on them. (Like actual trash cans,dumpsters, old cars etc...oh and wreckish)


PS. never ever do that again with the advisor at the end!


GooberTrooper says

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Underwhelming. If I was to choose one word to describe this mod, that'd be it. But first, let me back that up with my once-through experience.

This mod had exactly what they wanted to do in mind, but I found the execution to be poor. The voice acting was a welcomed surprise, until the lack of enthusiasm and emotion became apparent. Along with the lack of subtitles for them left me only catching keywords, and never fully understanding what I was supposed to do. The AI did not seem like how it was cracked up to be. Examples below.


When the AI was in combat, I noticed nothing impressive. Although the 'unused' Combine voices was noticed and positively received.

From the apartment scene through the entire mod, I found myself confused where I was supposed to go. Once the helicopter was destroyed, I was told to meet up with the rest of my crew, and go through the alley out the back. There was no alley out the back. It was across the street. And when were they put under my charge? Wasn't I just one of them, and not some sort of badass like Gordon Freeman? Speaking of him, wasn't the uprising in C17 inspired by him? Yet he's never mentioned once? But I might have missed that, if it was. I tend to rely on subtitles.

Combat seemed very modern. How the weapons, sounded, handled, and appeared was very nice. Along with a lack of cross hairs, kept me using my sights not becoming an MLG hip fire pro. Except for this revolver: Steamcommunity.com

I also discovered locations I wasn't supposed to be in. Such as becoming a slug and crawling through the sludge in the canals, and getting behind a wall. Example, and location show below.


It's not a BAD mod, but it's not GOOD either.

Many will be surprised to see a 10/10 rating backed up by such a wall of text, but please let me go into detail before hitting the disagree rating.

Right off the bat I should say the mod has a lot of imperfections, and most certainly does not deserve a 10/10, but if people can rate it 2/10 without even playing it and explaining why, I can do the opposite.

The mod is ****** up in a lot of ways. It has all been said already and i agree with most of it. But what shocks me it that people refuse to see what the mod GOT RIGHT. And there's a lot of stuff on the list.

-The visuals:
I really liked the color. It was a bright yet depressing theme suitable for a "beginning of a revolution" feeling. The contrast between the blues and yellows really make some scenes (especially the first apartment part). However, the interior lighting and brushwork in the maps is VERY BAD. If you had a better level designer it could have been great. Great, empty open spaces and small pitch black areas, both are a huge throw off and unprofessional.

-The sound:
I can not comment any of this since I had to play without sound (my only speakers broke yesterday) so my greatest complaint here is THE LACK OF SUBTITLES.

-The game play:
The STRONGEST POINT of this modification. Honestly, its one of the few mods that actually changed core hl2 game play. Many say the addition of some features made the game feel too much like COD:x. I completely disagree. The new features are all welcome in the hl2 world. Bullet penetration, limited weapon carry are all features that give MORE DEPTH to the game play. The only thing HOLDING THEM BACK is one dimensional and linear LEVEL DESIGN.

-The feel and story:
As I played the game I really felt like a rebel just trying to survive a chaotic war. Many grand scenes with many NPC's feel like real battles, and with some AI modification could really be perfect.



I'm sorry to nail a mod which I contributed to, but I believe I was far enough on the fringe to rate this without any impeding contributions. Sorry wilsonC, but as it stands, this mod just needs a ton of work.


I never felt the story was communicated to the player. There were some flashbacks to some friend out in the woods [I just know him as Adidas Man because of his hoodie], but beyond that I never really found a semblance of story beyond the typical "Citizen Hates Combine" story found in things like The Citizen or Half-Life: Precursor. And I nailed those mods on that too.

Something that would have helped, definitely, is the inclusion of higher quality voice acting. It's never too good when someone reads the credits list and finds that the people who made the content of the mod also did the voice acting because they're usually not trained enough in acting theory to do VOs. I participated, and I think the difference in training shows. If you ever want to go back on that, get in touch with me, as I can get you in touch with different people.


A glaring problem in this mod, gameplay feels more like modern mindless shooters than something more sophisticated as Half-Life 2. Run-and-gun mentality, linear mapping [seriously, there is no real variant aside from DIRECTLY where to go, unless there's a deliberate spawn room], and AI spawns placed in plain sight are real issues. Ironsights aren't bad, but they feel forced here with no real other alternative. And regenerating health always is useless in everything it's been a part of that I care not to comment on it in-depth.

The improvements on the AI, making it far more aggressive and hard-pressing, are welcome, even if utilized incorrectly. Though Zombies running at me far quicker than I have ever seen before is a bit...perturbing.


This first episode feels like a beta or alpha than final. Lots of design decisions need to be rethought and mapping theory definitely needs to be followed.


St33m says

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This mod has some amount of technical prowess that saves its rating somewhat, like the seemingly improved, more agressive AI, though not used very well, it is noticeable.

A basic, and very well functioning inventory system that could be used to make a player consider his progression through rationalizing his options. though as it is, every weapon has mountains of readily available ammo that can be aquired constantly and easily. Making the entire inventory system pointless.

The mod represents the very epitome of misunderstanding everything that made half life 2 good. A sort of unholy merging of the timeless classic we know and love, and the baffling perpetuations of the "modern shooter" franchises.

Ironsights for instance, are fine, as long as they arent forced onto the gameplay, wich they very clearly are. Something the introduction smacked me in the head with. The lines were literally, "Youll look very badass hipfiring, but you wont hit anything". The statement to me being, "The design of this game is NOT to the sole purpose of making you have fun."

The addition of regenerating health is completely baffling to me, Serving to do nothing but desensitizing you to explore the maps looking for health and supplies, Reducing the gameplay to walking from shooting gallery to shooting gallery.

The maps are below par, and downright painful to look at. Several times it is completely nescessary for your progression that you navigate pitch black areas without a flashlight, giving you a very frustrating time of bumping around until you find an exit that was inches from your nose.
It is often completely unclear what direction youre even supposed to progress, with no visual cues.

The Voice acting is as often mentioned, Horrid. There is no emotional engagement, no sense of urgency to anything said. Its infinitely preferable that you find ways of avoiding voice acting completely if all the voice acting youll be able to produce is this destructive to the feel of the game.


constructive critisism:
1.Iron sight for smg error
2.combine literally spawn infront of you
3.not enought in depth storyline
4.magnum feels underpowered


Needs a LOT of work.

i saw a 7.3 and though that this might be good oh was i wrong this was comepleat **** the voice are bad ther about a 10% chance you know what to ******* do and the path way what the **** was that i got lost at the start becasue i dident know where to go the emanys are bad the zombies has god like speed like come on they not sonic zombie they not going the speed of light got place to go got peopel to eat and the guns what the hell is with teh guns the shotgun is a ******* sniper you able to soot someoen for 100 miles away with no promblem the othr guns ironsite suck now lest go back on the voices in the game you cant hear **** at the start because the voice port suck so much you cant hear what going on over the gunfire from everwhere and i die about 10 to 15 time beck the ******* npc got in the god dame way and kiled me and wtf is with the friendly fire that comepleat **** i got kill another 3 to 4 time because a teammate with a shotgun ******* sniped me the heal regen suck ball as well its not ******* call of duty mod its a half life mod and the lighting is comepleat **** it got so freaking dark i dident know where to go i dident even try to beat your game i quick becasue it was bad i play a few bad mod in the past but atlest i beat them i dident puit at the start saying wow this is a pice of **** game

Stupid mod just keeps freezing up and unfreezing. Unplayable. Fail.

needs some work in the city and spawning but other wise I enjoyed playing this mod 3 times over

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This mod didnt get my attention on the moddb page but hey. This mod is "overwhelming" like in the first level you start shooting and blasting everything you see outha nowhere! wich is fun ;P though the first two levels couldf used more Detail like the last 2-3 levels! The city is SO ugly! and flat and empty! the there's almost "nothing" in the skybox on the second level witch makes me sad :( Though after you buckled trough that you get to the 3 level. Witch is lots of fun and stress since you get…

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