Part 1 was released in 2013, but was broken by the Steampipe 2016 update. It is officially not working at this point and no longer in development. There's a fix by Malortie, who managed to reverse engineer parts of the mod and get it running under Source SDK 2013. I am extremely grateful for his efforts - and while it is playable from start to finish - it's using binaries meant for HL2 so the AI, animations and weapons may not work as originally intended and I cannot officially support it. If you'd like to follow my latest project, Trepang2 is a spiritual sequel and you can try out the demo.

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Introducing Trepang2

Introducing Trepang2

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Introducing Trepang2: an Indie FPS inspired by SUPERHOT. Use your slow motion and invisibility powers to take down an army of relentless bad guys.

Transmission 15593

Transmission 15593

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This week William and Emanuel are joined by Guest host Phillip Marlowe and later on by Robert “campaignjunkie” Yang of Radiator. Phillip has an announcement...

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Half-Life 2: Episode Two
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