Your name is Mark Hunt, an elite Marine sent in to ‘clean up’ the Black Mesa Incident. Near evening your platoon was ambushed by a superior force, taking you completely by surprise. In the chaos you became separated from your C.O. and by sheer luck evaded the atomic blast that followed. The Brass didn’t call it luck. You were courtmartialed for desertion and sentenced to ten years in a maximum security prison. Black Mesa wasn't even mentioned in the court case. Two years into your sentence, something happened…

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liked the most of it.



Good level design, svencoop weapons
medium length.

Nice little mod.

The mod itself is rather old, yet still enjoyable.

Up until the end.

Cheating is required if your playing on normal or god forbid, hard, near the end of the mod, which requires the player to run to a missile while under fire from dozens of grunts, with a bloody time limit in place!

The new gun itself is misplaced as well, why the grunts would use a ridiculously cartoony Uzi over an mp5 or a rifle is beyond me. But alas, the mod does have some nice mapping touches and is fairly paced, but you probably need to be in the right mood to play it.

Just play on easy, believe me, the ending is soul crushingly difficult without cheats D:


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