Trapped follows the adventure of "Nomad", Nomad is simply a name given to the character by his "Controller". The controller is of an unknown origin and chooses to take control over a person for unknown reasons. No one knows anything about the controller other than that whilst being controlled by it you are concious and aware of your surroundings and experiences, but unable to control your own motor functions. In Trapped you will take on the role of the controller who has chosen Nomad as his subject for study. Upon taking control of Nomad however you find yourself alone in a cold, dark, damp place. You are "Trapped" and the only way forward is to descend into the darkness.

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xTenshi says

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Game randomly crashes, screenshots don't even represent what happens in the game. Prevents player from advancing. Stupid mod, Laggy, Trial and error experiences, No clues, Thought it had some potential, but it definitely showed nothing. Got my hopes up, and disappointed me. Better luck next time.


TheMutant says

Nice textures and gameplay.. a bit slow at times. Actually, I'm not sure if i've completed this mod.. stuck in giant room with spinny things..


Theevina says

The atmosphere is great, and the puzzles are fun. That's was pretty fun.

But there are a lot of things that you could do to make this better. You see, there were so many bugs that I didn't really have the patience to not cheat.

Some places with silence could really use a soundscape.

The scales of textures caused lighting to be seen behind some walls.

One of the level transitions didn't work so I had to load the next map and give myself the crowbar and suit.

And as I was noclipping through something I think I saw a skybox box around your maps. Really? If you have leaks, just patch them up, use nodraw on faces that won't be seen, and it will help you a lot.


mpictor says

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Not horrible, but disappointing. The maps I saw don't look much like the screenshots.

Some of it is suitably weird and creepy, but the maps are fairly rough - lots of light leaking from one room to another, HoM effects, etc. Puzzles seem to be either trivial or very hard - I created numerous saves in one room, and hardly any in the rest of the game.


I couldn't get past the room with the floating, spinning symbols - I guess that's the end, but there is no indication.



Aweosme but I would give it a 10/10 star rating


dorkboy says

it was so awesome and scary i peed my pants


sappy_nirv_bg says

Map packs have their own place, that's might be a nice pack but doesn't belong here.


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