A short single player experience set in the Half-Life Universe featuring a unique gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls. The story takes place at a mysterious date & location after the events of Half-Life : Episode 2. Where are you? Why have you been sent?

TheUnbeholden says

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A great start to something very special. It took basically the concept of rocket jumping but into a relatively safe to use projectile projector into HL2, sound good? hmm hmm, well thats because it is good. If only it where longer and had a story/characters/voice acting to match. Instead it seems like there are snippets of something happening, of it all going somewhere only to have it just... end.

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If someone told me that this is Half-Life 2 : Episode 3 Demo i would believe him. Quality of lighting, level design, scripting, atmosphere, everything here is Valve quality level, if not even higher, this mod is simply amazing.

Mar 30 2015 by Gunship_Mark_II