A short single player experience set in the Half-Life Universe featuring a unique gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls. The story takes place at a mysterious date & location after the events of Half-Life : Episode 2. Where are you? Why have you been sent?

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This mod has some great looking maps and visual effects along with a new weapon to play with which you can use to kill enemies or bounce yourself into the air. Pretty fun but way too short as it only took me about 30 minutes to finish on the first try. Interesting concept though, need more mods with different Gravity Gun variations.

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If someone told me that this is Half-Life 2 : Episode 3 Demo i would believe him. Quality of lighting, level design, scripting, atmosphere, everything here is Valve quality level, if not even higher, this mod is simply amazing.

Mar 30 2015 by Gunship_Mark_II