A Total Conversion Mod for Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, combining the universes of the C&C series and popular japanese curtain-fire shooter: Touhou Project. The mod pits four factions, two teams each, into an all-out war for the mysterious, rapidly growing, yet highly valuable plant called "Gold Rice". The mod will be using Ares for the factions, extra Super Weapons (dubbed Spell Cards), and everything else deemed necessary. Touhou project © Team Shanghai Alice Command and Conquer © Electronic Arts and Westwood

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Higan Detour ~ Riverside Conflict
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Map is too flat

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No flower viewing this time bub, welcome back to the higanbana(-less) fields of the Sanzu Riverside and Higan.

In the northern corner of the map is the location of Shikieiki Court, where she judges souls and determines whether they go to Heaven, Hell, or Reincarnate. If you happen to see her outside her court, and you wish to bring pain to her for whatever reason, here's some friendly advice - DON'T. Stronger than the Yakumo, she could wipe out an entire army handily by herself.

Alongside the river is the Road of Liminality, where many merchants have set up stands to turn a quick profit. Mystia Lorelei was one of these merchants, and on days where she wasn't running her Grilled Lamprey Stand out by the Bamboo Forest, she was running it by the Sanzu River. Word on the street is, if you convince her for the right price, she and her friends who frequent the stand will lend their aid to you.

With the War of the Rice spreading across Gensokyo, the Tengu have set up small outposts across the region in hopes of getting the perfect headlining scoop. Despite being so close to the Sanzu River, Hatate Himekaidou took a detachment of Wolf Tengu guards and set up an outpost on a small clearing of land out of the way of the conflict, all in the hopes of reporting the war for herself.

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