new over 200 units for easterns surena and crassus Designed A battle Of carrhae (historical battle) New story_based map ( LUA scripting) new musics ( persian epic musics is most) new graphics for rome 2 new graphics for map (4 seasons )

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Hello to everyone and thanks for being patient. After a long time new version of Surena's Epic is going to be released. On 22 April 2016.

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Hello to every ones and thanks for being patient. After a lont time new version of Surena's Epic is going to be rleased.

Here is few Information about new features of this mod such new factions and changes of Campaigns

A) Vanilla Grand Campaign of Rome TW 2 didnt have accuracy at Historical events, For example after
a time both Parthian Empire or Roman Empire would be destroyed. Also there were some historical problems for Eastern countries. These problems are fixed and even AI of factions such as Parthians Seleucids and Romans increased and became more Historical. For example by this new AI Rome will become one of the strongest factions that cant get destroy easily by factons which AI play with them.



2) Dimplomacies changed as well and they are more accuarte now and based on History.
3) Iranian and Eastern Factions have more various races and feathures and they are more Native now.
4) New armors were made different races and factions , also there are Graphical improvments as well.
This mod using the best Graphical mod of Rome TW 2 which made By Shahab Kawusi ( Aztec Graphical Mod)

Now we Intruduce new Factions of mod of Surena's Epic

Media Atropatene was Estabilesh after death of Alexander the Great. Atropat ( Atropates ) was a Median Commander
who estbalished his own kingdom at Little Media ( today Iranian Azerbaijan ). Atropat means Gaurdian of Fire at Median Language
it Caused during history name of Little Media change into Today Azerbaijan which means land of Holy Fire.
Thish faction is following old Iranian and Perso _ Median tradtions. Thats why they suffer from Diplomacy penlaties with Seleucids
and other Hellenistic Factions. You can either get alliance with Parthians or make your own Median Empire. Most of their Army is light but
it doesnt mean they are weak warriors and they can fight well.
2) Persia , Homeland of Former Persian Empire.
Seleucids made Persia as one of their Satrapies.
Persia as one of the most important Satrapies of Seleucids have to defend from Eastern borders of Selecuids. This situation causes Persia and
Parthia fight against each other. Persian advanteges at war are their superiur Archers and Spearmens.



3) Etruscan League , Native Italians
Etruscans were Native Italians that werent Latin Like Romans. They are enemy of Latins and Romans, and Rome is destroying them. They have to
fight against Romans they might Reunify Italian Peninsula just like before Migration of Latin Romans. This faction have one of the hardest
campaigns of this mod. Their advantage is their vetran horsmen and spearmen.


4) African faction of Gaetuli
This faction suffer from penalties with Punic factions such as Carthage. You have to defeat Carthaginians and build your own African Empire.
Their Superirur units are their Spearmen and Light Horsmen.



5) Arabian Faction of Gerhaea
Arabian units are unique now and they are different from other Eastern Nations now and different with Iranians.
Gerhaea has advnatage of trade routes at Persian Gulf. You can build your Empire with Native Arabian units and reunify whole Arabia and even fight against
Seleucid Empire that will help Parthians for sure.



B) Changes of Wrath of Sparta Campaign :
This Campaign has the Best AI and its so accuarte at Showing Greek Civil Wars. At Vanilla Version Persian Empire wasnt a Playable Faction and even their elite soldiers
were Weaker than normal Greek Soldiers. So Persian Empire is The Strongest Faction of Wrath of Sparta and there so many different units at Persian Army from Different Nations
of the Empire. Also Greek states have new historical units that increase enjoyment of this campaign
New Factions of Wrath of Sparta
1) Persian Empire
Persian Rule at Greek states will put preussure at Civil wars of the Greeks. Now its for you to build your own Mighty Army from
different states of Your Empire from India to Asia Minor and Your Immortal Persian Army to Capture whole Greece for once. All Kings and Commanders are Reskined and
they are more Historical now.



2) Maccedonia
Maccedonia is different from Other Greek factions. they have Cheaper Armies and they have superiur horsmen and they can build the 1st Phalanx Pikemens.
By that they can reunify whole Greece and maybe they Capture Persian Empire.



C) Emperor Agustus Campaign
At this Campaign Parthian Empire is more Historical and new Faction of Kushan Empire added to this Campaign. On future new Factions such as Judea will be Added as well.
D) Kushan Empire Campaign
This campaign is made for Kushan Empire. Unfortunatly they didnt exist at Vanilla Version. at same Era of Agustus Yuezhi People who are known as Tocharians as well Migrated from
Tarim Basin into Iranian Platu. They Capture Indo Greek Kingdom and Became neighbour of Parthian Empire.So this campaign is Focusing at establishment of Kushan Empire by Tocharians.


E) Surena's Campaign
Its the main Campaign of The Mod. The game will begin from year 55 BC. Surena is at Hecatumpolis and recruting his army to fight against Romans at year 53 BC.
at this era you experince battle of Carahae and there are special and unique missions at this campaign. Also the campaign is scrippted to be Historical for examples Armenia declare war on
Parthian Empire or Scythians attacking from north. if you dont obey historical scriptings and events you will face new consiquences. This campaigin includes 12 turns at each year. Capital of
Parthian Empire is city of Hecatumpolis. There is no satrapy and Parthian borders are more accuarte but these cities are eager to go on chaos.
As its scripted Romans will atack on year which they attacked and they will capture Eddessa ( Urfa) but if you defeat them you will unlock Capmaing of Kushan as a gift.
PS a new Historical battle map is made for Carahea battle.




Seems great!!

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Does it contain new units as well?

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