"Total War: Rise of Mordor" is an epic overhaul project based on "The Lord of the Rings". The visuals of the mod are based on films however the background story and rosters are accurate to the books.

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This article provides details on what you need if you want to be recruited in to the Rise of Mordor development team and what sort of things you'll be doing in each role.

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Hi everybody!

Rise of Mordor needs people... you people! If you're interested in joining our awesome development team or simply doing some basic but incredibly helpful tasks such as audio modding, this article is right down your street. The list below gives details of all of the roles we want, so read each one carefully and take your pick!

If you're looking to join the Rise of Mordor team, contact one of us on one of the following email addresses:

- oliverfields@live.co.uk

Alternatively, feel free to contact us on the official Rise of Mordor Discord server (which you can find here):

- Bewildered
- minimagpie1210 (Little Pitchers Have Long Ears)
- Mr.Jox (victimized.)

  1. Character Artist
    You should be familiar with at least a few of the following: Blender, 3Ds Max, Substance Painter, Quixel, xNormal, Marvelous Designer or Zbrush. It is expected of you to know low-to-high (and high-to-low) pipeline, UV unwrapping, texture baking, texturing and skinning (rigging).

  2. Character Animator
    You should be familiar with these tools: 3Ds Max, Maya or Motion Builder. Would be great if you are familiar with MoCap, animation clean-up, animation retargetting, IKs and character rigs but it's not a must-have.

  3. 2D Artist
    For both purposes: creating UI and making unit concepts. Decent Photoshop (or Illustrator) skills and passion of history / Lord of the Rings is required.

  4. Architectural 3D artist
    You should be familiar with either of the following software: 3Ds Max (is a must), Blender or any other modelling software. No texturing skills required.

  5. Architecture Texture Artist
    You should be familiar with Zbrush, Substance Painter and baking sculpts over plane in order to create texture Atlases.

  6. Audio Crew
    No particular skills required. You should be capable of recognising English speech in both native pronunciation and with a foreign accent. Might take quite a bit of your free time though.

  7. Level Designer
    Your duty would be to create custom maps based on existing architecture and by using map making tools.

  8. Programmer
    If you are familiar with programming, especially using C# language and WPF as well as familiar with MVVM, contact Mr.Jox (victimized.). We're developing a tool to make biggest breakthrough in newest total war titles ever. And this is 100% serious.

Don't be shy - we look forward to seeing some new faces around!
P.S. We're not looking for some kind of professionals. Basic skills and understanding is enough. We can help you up your skills as you join the team.

Stormydionosys3 / Bewildered


The expectations for new team members seem a bit high for me. New members at my mod team hardly could do one thing good and I took them in for improving their skills. It's a huge fluctuation in the teams, sure. People will come and offer their help and they are gone within weeks, even days sometimes. A bunch of them sticks in the end though. You don't seem to offer an opening for newbies at modding and learning by doing is not uncommon for us modders. Maybe you want to rethink that.

Best luck at your mod, I will be watching it for the Tolkien Modding Community ^^

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Stormydionosys3 Author


In terms of helping new people, we often help people learn who wish to be in the team but aren't up to the standard we look for. As well as that, we also provide the community with tutorials on how to do certain things such as modelling or architectural design.


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Mr.Jox Creator

You should interpret expectations as "basic knowledge in that tool". For example: We're looking for 3ds max modellers actually means we are looking for people who can make at least basics which is effectively is the lowest level of software skills. Then we will help you improve up to our standards, of course. But without basic knowledge how to at least create a 3d model with more or less useful topology we cannot teach you completely from scratch. This is really easy to learn basics by watching numerous youtube tutorials.
Besides that we have a position that does not require any skills but free time and wish to help the team.

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I see. I hope you will find a bunch of new people who will enrich your team!
Also, nice to see that you seem to have come back from retirement, Mr.Jox ^^

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What exactly would the sound crew do?

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Mr.Jox Creator

Identify audio files.
Audio file got no name but just random numbers instead.
To replace the desired audio file with the one we want we need to know which file to replace.
So the process of identification is in listening the audio and writing down it's contents.
Then when we hear this content being played in the game, we will know what we wanna put instead of it and which file to replace.

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