This total overhaul of Rome:Total War is based upon the Second World War. It contains historical battle locations on different fronts.

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May 11 2019 Anchor

I'm very happy there is campaign mod. I'm not very fond of custom battles.

So after playing a hour I can say:

1. German voices are great (I don't speak German language very well, but it looks mostly accurate).

2. Airplanes idea is great.

3. Artillery works well.

4. Axis cities in Russian territory play great role in speeding up campaign.

5. American senate wants Manila to be conquered which is good joke anyway.

6. I would give units more individual troops/tanks/planes if this is possible.

7. Why grenadiers/assault infantry have less troops than rifleman - I don't know.

Good job!

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Dagovax Owner
May 12 2019 Anchor

Thank you for your feedback :)

We would also like to give more individual tanks/planes and ships, but we already reached the max amount of 'mounts'.
This means that we cant add more ships/planes and tanks.

We are not yet at the max of unit models, so we can add more infantry.

There are less soldiers in a unit then riflemen, because riflemen are just bad units which dont deal a lot of damage :P


Dagovax is the creator and owner of Total War: 1942. He also created Holland: Total War

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