I. Présentation

Total War - The War of the Houses (Lotharingia) is a mod project for Medieval II: Total War that aims to change the player's view of the game compared to what has been done in other mods so far.I'm happy to announce that this mod is no longer a project and has become a reality! With the help of dadasauvage who takes care of the modding part, we hope to release a version 1.0 by the end of 2021! As you will have understood from the title of the mod, you will not play a kingdom or a people, as in most mods, but you will play a dynasty or a great noble family.

The campaign starts as in the base game, i.e. in the year 1080. But unlike the base game, the game does not take place in the same geographical area. As head of the family, you will have to make your family more powerful than the other families, in particular by taking over the various lordships on the map, which act as regions. By building alliances and expanding your holdings, your family will have to compete with other houses to become the most powerful.

II.Content already made for the mod :

  • New campaign map (2x larger than the M2TW campaign map).
  • The campaign runs from 1080 to 1250.
  • 2 turns in the campaign equals one year.
  • 26 playable factions.
  • Factions based on noble houses that existed during the Middle Ages.
  • Regions based on historical principalities of the time (1080-1250).
  • New loading screens.
  • Units from M2TW (for the moment).
  • Added titles of nobility.

III. The factions present in the mod (in brackets the faction it represents as a feudal state) :

  1. House of Berthout. (Lordship of Grimbergen and Mechelen )
  2. House of Namur. (County of Namur)
  3. House of Hainaut. (County of Hainaut)
  4. House of Looz. (County of Looz)
  5. House of Billung. (Duchy of Saxony)
  6. House of Hengebach. (County of Gelderland)
  7. House of Normandy. (Kingdom of England and Duchy of Normandy)
  8. Capetian House. (Kingdom of France)
  9. Salian House. (Holy Roman Empire and Duchy of Franconia)
  10. House of Flanders. (County of Flanders)
  11. House of Leuven. (Landgraviate of Brabant, future Duchy of Brabant)
  12. House of Wessex. Pretender to the throne of the kingdom of England, county of Cambridge, county of Bedford and county of Hertford)
  13. House of Rethel. (County of Rethel)
  14. House of Dunkeld. (Kingdom of Scotland)
  15. House of Boulogne. (County of Boulogne and Bouillon)
  16. House of Hohenstaufen. (Duchy of Swabia)
  17. House of Ardenne. (County of Luxembourg)
  18. House of Blois-Champagne. (County of Blois and Champagne)
  19. House of Montgommery. (Viscounty of Hiémois and County of Alençon)
  20. House of Ponthieu. (County of Ponthieu)
  21. Ecclesiastical principalities. (Ecclesiastical principalities that remained loyal to the Pope in the Investiture Dispute)
  22. House of Chiny. (County of Chiny)
  23. House of Enghien. (Lordship of Enghien)
  24. House of Lorraine. (Duchy of Lorraine)
  25. House of Holland. (County of Holland)
  26. Imperial Church. (Ecclesiastical principalities that remained loyal to the Holy Roman Emperor in the Investiture Dispute)

IV. Cultures of the factions present on the mod :

  • French.
  • Flemish.
  • Lotharingian.
  • Dutch.
  • Germanic.
  • Anglo-Norman.
  • Latin.

V. Content that is in progress or still being planned :

  • Include AOR feudal troops such as Flemish knights, Champagne knights and Luxembourg knights.
  • Include AOR mercenaries such as Flemish or Brabant mercenaries or Breton mercenaries.
  • Include historical events and "history sheets" that will trace the political, cultural and religious history of the regions on the campaign map.
  • Work on the design of the mod so that the player is totally disoriented and thinks he is playing a new Medieval 2: Total War.
  • Addition of new music.

Bataille de Worringen

Image showing the Battle of Worringen (5 June 1288)

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Mod FAQ, news and information

Some of the questions came from a meeting dadasauvage and I (Andrew1830) had for the next version which will be released as soon as possible (Alpha 1.2).
In addition, I've added some questions to give you as much information as possible, trying to give as much information as possible for people who have already played the mod but also for new people who would like to play it !

(Questions in the form of an interview. Answer provided by Andrew1830.)

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General presentation of the mod

  1. Can you briefly explain your mod and how it differs from other mods ?
    "Of course! The mod starts in 1080, as in the vanilla, until 1250. The mod has a brand new campaign map with the regions of today's Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland as the centre of it. But there are also parts of England, Germany and France. We have 26 playable and historical factions. And this is where the mod stands out, the factions are not countries or states but noble families. The player will not have to embody a state with a king or an emperor but will embody the head of a family whose goal will be to impose itself against the other families, called House. Following this, there are also the 200 regions on the campaign map which are principalities, i.e. counties or lordships that actually existed between the 11th and 13th centuries with a system of titles when you own the region".
  2. What are these Houses ?
    "It would take too long to list them all, but to summarise, we could say that there are obviously the dynasties. These are the families that ruled the kingdoms of England and France and the Holy Roman Empire at the time. And if not, there are other families who ruled Flanders, Brabant, Champagne, Holland, Saxony, Lorraine and many others at the time. But players will also find two so-called ecclesiastical factions that represent the Church led by the Pope at the time, but also the Church of the Holy Roman Empire, which is a church under the control of the Emperor. All these factions are divided not by their religions as in the base game, since they are all Catholic, but by their cultures, such as the French and Germanic cultures".
  3. How did you get the idea for this mod ?
    "You see, I am Belgian, a history student and an absolute fan of the Total War franchise. During my university years, I had a course which marked me a lot, it's the course of "History of Belgium and the former Netherlands" which are nowadays roughly the current Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In particular the part devoted to the Middle Ages which I found incredibly interesting because of its complexity, its richness and the number of powers in the current Belgium alone, in such a concentrated territory. It was only during the months of June and July 2022 that the idea came to me to transpose this period to a Total War. But at the same time, I discovered Crusader Kings 2 and 3 and that's when I got the idea to try to mix these two concepts in a new mod dedicated to Medieval 2".
  4. Are you alone in making this mod ?
    "No and fortunately! I can count on the participation of dadasauvage who takes care of all the modding part and me, I take care of the history part, texter to add, to modify, etc. For those who want to know how our duo started, I had created a page on ModDB explaining the project of my mod and that I was looking for people to help me because I had no knowledge in modding M2TW. That's where dadasauvage came in. He does a great job and it's a real pleasure to exchange with him on what we can do to improve the mod! I think we make a good team because he has a good knowledge of modding and he's there to tell me if it's possible or not, to translate my ideas to add them in the mod like the modification of the crusades and jihads functionality in the game and many other things you'll discover soon. In addition, we can count on a larger group of people who are asked to test the versions to find any bugs or other issues".

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Questions about the next version (Alpha 1.2)

(All is not said to leave some suspense and other changes may be made between the publication of this article and the publication of the new version of the mod)

  1. The faction icons are not uniform. Will they be changed ?
    "Yes, they are not very beautiful, but it was only temporary until we could make them more beautiful. However, we were going to make them prettier but keep the shield shape, in heraldry. But dadasauvage came up with the idea of putting the figures in the round and I must say they look good. We'll let the players choose if they want to leave them in or go back to the traditional shape".
  2. In the campaign menu, you do not offer a campaign map as such.
    "That's right! We proposed a map showing the regions but divided into zones of influence more or less, but that was only temporary. For the next version, we plan to make a campaign menu map by placing the faction icons on the campaign menu map to show the players where the factions are more or less located. But in the end, we will have a campaign map like M2TW with the regions highlighted when you click on the faction".
  3. You have modified the texts in the campaign menu presenting each faction, will you modify them ?
    "I plan to do this for the next version, perhaps making the texts longer and with more details about the historical situation of the faction in 1080. However, I still have to discuss this with David to avoid it being too long".
  4. During the last mod update, players could see that you had added a music in the mod menu, do you plan to add more ?
    "Of course, and we're looking for them now. We plan to add them as soon as we have a small list of 5 to 10 tunes and add them step by step. By the way, if anyone reading this has any royalty free music that fits in the context of the mod, we'd love to hear it !".
  5. When the campaign is launched, there is still the introductory video at the beginning of the campaign, do you intend to remove or replace it ?
    "We were going to try and record a moment in the mod game where there is a charge, for example, or introduce another video such as footage from a documentary for example. But this is not a priority and would be a bonus for the next version if we have time to do it".
  6. You have modified the loading screens by adding elements of the Bayeux tapestry, are you going to make any more changes ?
    "No, not really, if we find pictures, we'll add them of course but right now I'm looking for more anecdotes or proverbs that fit into the mod and could be really interesting to add to the mod".
  7. In the mod, generals and family members receive titles of nobility when they take cities. But you still haven't renamed the regions on the map to historical names.
    "Yes, it's true and I apologise, we forgot to add them in the last update but you can be sure they will be there for this version".
  8. Do you intend to leave the possibility of crusading on the mod ?
    "So yes and no, we intend to use the mechanics of the crusade but also of the jihad to link them to the factions belonging to the kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire. We still need to modify the texts that come from M2TW vanilla to replace them with our own texts. But the mechanics will serve in a context where historically, in 1080, the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire are still competing for influence, for the legacy of Charlemagne and each having views on the territories of present-day Belgium. I hope this will work out because in addition to the other little surprises and changes, I think it could give the campaign a lot more dynamism and challenge".
  9. When playing the campaign, we can see that you have added new events and "history sheets" as you call them.
    "Yes, the mod contains new events that will appear but that will have no impact on the campaign but will be historical records to share information, notions or other on the Middle Ages or on the region at that time".
  10. As far as family trees are concerned, do you intend to go back to Hugues Capet for the case of the Capetian House faction ?
    "We were discussing and it's true that it would be nice to reproduce a family tree that would go back to the founder of the House, the noble family. But that would take time, and for the moment, it is not planned. Maybe in the future".
  11. In terms of diplomacy, unlike Medieval 2, we can see that each faction has its own diplomacy.
    Indeed, we have just reworked the diplomacy for the whole mod which is more accurate and more historical. I tried to transcribe the diplomatic relations in 1080. So there is a whole system of alliances and enemies according to the context of the time and according to the relations that the families had between them. My only regret is that I can't put factions as vassals at the beginning of the campaign to represent this system of feudalism and vassalization within the kingdom of England, France and the Holy Roman Empire. But we do not despair of being able to do so in the future.
  12. There are factions which are not noble families but represent the Church which had a great influence during the Middle Ages.
    "Yes, there are two ecclesiastical factions which represent the Church led by the Pope and represented on the map by all the ecclesiastical principalities of the region and on the other side, we have the Church of the Holy Empire. The latter is directly linked to the Emperor and supports him in the conflict with the Pope. The player can therefore play them and try to make the opposing camp fold".
  13. Should not there be a system of four rounds per year instead of two rounds per year ?
    "No, we're sticking with two turns so that the children in the family can grow up fairly quickly because with a four turn per year campaign, the player will have to resort to adopting characters to be able to advance in the game and our goal is that the player doesn't need to adopt as many characters as in Medieval 2 but to develop his family. That's why we've added a "bastard" trait that makes the adoptee have less than three loyalties".
  14. Are you thinking of increasing the size of the campaign map ?
    No, the map is already very large and we've already put in the maximum number of regions, that's 200 including the sea. The map is about the same size as the large campaign map in Medieval 2. Furthermore, the distances and the tower passages would become too long. A map that is too big is not interesting and would not add anything to the mod.
  15. Do you intend to use the mechanics of the "Kalmar Union" from the Teutonic campaign ?
    Yes, someone (Sigieron) gave us the idea to use the "Union of Kalmar" mechanic to turn the ruling families of the kingdoms of England, France, the Holy Roman Empire and the county of Flanders into these factions under certain conditions. We will also try to add it for this version, if not, as soon as possible.

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Other subjects for future releases

  1. Units and mercenaries on the mod (unit size, unit statistics, unit origin, etc.).
  2. One or several campaigns and if several campaigns, what can be done (1066 ? 1080 ? 1190 ? 1214 ? "vanilla" campaign, i.e. without alliance ?) ?
  3. Added more detail to the campaign map as well as a better texture on the map than in vanilla (forests, merchant resources, forts, bridge, rivers).
  4. Added more historical events to the mod (General Events or Campaign Map regions).
  5. Try to put a rebel sub-faction named after the family that held the city at the time and there will be four faction symbols to indicate in which space the rebel region belonged (Kingdom of France, Anglo-Norman Kingdom, Holy Roman Empire and the former Kingdom of Lotharingia which united the duchy of Lower Lotharingia and Upper Lotharingia in 1080).
  6. Redo the missions of the vanilla boards with a customization that fits the mod better.
  7. Making custom battle maps and historical battles (But this will only be much later when the units are finished and the mod is almost finished).

Thank you for reading the article and don't hesitate to share your opinions in the comments below the article and possibly ask your questions !

Presentation of the faction: House of Leuven

Presentation of the faction: House of Leuven


In this article, you will find a presentation of the faction "House of Leuven". But also the history around the family, the composition of the family...

Presentation of the faction: House of Flanders

Presentation of the faction: House of Flanders


In this article, you will find a presentation of the faction "House of Flanders". But also the history around the family, the composition of the family...

Presentation of the faction: Salian House

Presentation of the faction: Salian House


In this article you will find a presentation of the "Salian House" faction. But also the history around the family, the composition of the family present...

Presentation of the faction: Capetian House

Presentation of the faction: Capetian House


In this article you will find a presentation of the "Capetian House" faction. But also the history around the family, the composition of the family present...

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[ALPHA 1.1] Total War - The War of the Houses (Lotharingia)

[ALPHA 1.1] Total War - The War of the Houses (Lotharingia)

Full Version 16 comments

New version with corrected error and some additions for the family, the name and the portrait of the factions. There is a possibility that the mod crashes...

[ALPHA] Total War - The War of the Houses (Lotharingia) (Outdated)

[ALPHA] Total War - The War of the Houses (Lotharingia) (Outdated)

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Total War - The House War (Lotharingia) : Deuxième bêta-test (Outdated)

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Second version of our beta on the game. Don't hesitate to read the article that was published on it and that includes all the information related to this...

La Guerre Des Maisons : Beta (Outdated)

La Guerre Des Maisons : Beta (Outdated)

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Here is beta of the mod. We hope you will give us feedback on the mod page via the comments area.

Démo (Outdated)

Démo (Outdated)


Here is beta of the mod. We hope you will give us feedback on the mod page via the comments area.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 29)

Great mod so far! Will Normandy be a new faction in the mod in the next release? Will there be more factions and more new units? Wonderful article!

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Andrew1830 Creator

Hi, sorry for the delay in my reply. So, as you can see on the mod page, we currently have this as a faction (but 3-4 factions may be added in the next version of the mod):

Ecclesiastical Principalities.
Imperial Church.
House of Normandie.
House of Blois-Champagne.
Capetian House.
House of Rethel.
Salian House.
House of Billung.
House of Hohenstaufen.
House of Holland.
House of Flanders.
House Hainaut.
House of Boulogne.
House of Leuven.
House of Enghien.
House of Lorraine.
House of Berthout.
House of Looz.
House of Namur.
House of Ardenne .
House of Dunkeld.
House of Wessex.
House of Estridsen.

We will be rearranging the units and redesigning them to fit the identity of the mod, although in the end you will recognise them as being from Medieval II Total War.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Andrew1830 Creator

Thank you! Glad you like the mod! Normandy is already present in the mod. As you can see, there are already many factions (23 factions if I remember correctly). I think that as it stands, we won't add more factions unless we deem it necessary to better balance the forces between the factions.

As far as units are concerned, we agreed to keep rosters of (vanilla) units, so not units like in the "Das Heilige Römische Reich" mod. Moreover, on the current version of the mod, these are units that come exclusively from the vanilla but in the next version, we intend to add other units from various mods to bring specificities to certain factions and we intend to make AOR type troops that can only be recruited in one or more colonies (these will be troops of knights on horseback and knights on foot such as Flemish knights, Norman knights, etc).

Apart from that, once again, the next version will have a brand new map that will normally be 2x bigger and will have the maximum number of colonies available (199 regions)! I hope I've made you want to play the mod and that I've answered your questions 😉

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the news!

I'm also making something on rome remastered (as a submod campaign) on different duchys during the hundred years war and After with louis XI against the Duc of Burgundy. So i'm interested in your mod too, but if i can suggest something maybe you'll have to add units like late pikemen with Salads helmets, add units like halberd for all factions, add different kind of Bow/Crossbow units, with late and mid-late era , in the hundred years war the main unit is not sergeants actually , its more Heavy Billmen/vougiers/Pikemen/heavy chivalric knights and some mercenary Swiss, mercenary troops from all the country. and Like little padded armor for low class unit and "Garde des villes".
So maybe i can help you if you want you can contact me on discord or something!

And by the way can we expect completely remade flags for some factions (to dont have turks anymore)

SOme units are buggy and dont have textures too,
and then i'll suggest to add late era portraits for Generals. if you know the mod 'Les Pays de France" there is a good example of the High era Style for Generals and Civilians.

Then Maybe we can expect more buildings?

Good luck for the project

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Can't wait for the new release and congrats on your release!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Andrew1830 Creator

Thank you so much!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Love your work and i hope your work gets an award!! Will you add more european units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Andrew1830 Creator

Yes, there are plans to add custom units like Flemish knights, Anglo-Norman knights, Champagne knights, etc.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Andrew1830 Creator

Hi TimotheeMi , thanks for all the compliments and sorry for the late reply. We are now reworking ALL the mod: new map twice as big and many other additions that we hope you will like. Then, thank you for your remarks on units brought to the mod and I see that you know about this topic. So, would you be interested in joining our team to take care of the mod units ?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

What role will I have in your mod? The only thing I can do is making new settlements. I know nothing of scripting and don't know how to make new units. That is out of my league! I hope to see more of your stuff about this mod. Looks really well done!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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