A party of up to 6 brave heroes travel in search of the great tomb of Jarahcon. On their way they meet fierce beasts and friendly guides to aid them on their treacherous journey. Overall an immensely challenging team based RPG dungeon crawler that requires players to work together, or die in discord.

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One of the best Warcraft Three maps ever, it is very detailed and very fun. The creeps are all very unique, with cool abiliies and many different attributes. The items are also very nice. The changig stages make for a different experience every time you play, and the possible secrets are good, because they aren't too had to find, nor are they too easy. The bosses are also very memorable, with many custom abilities and different ways to tackle each one. The eight bonus attributes (as well as the three weapon and three armor attributes) that you can upgrade make for a much more customizable character. The heroes themselves are all very unique and powerful,but a wrong setup of heroes could mke for a bad journey. The last feature of them game worth mentioning is the save/load system. Instead of saving your hero and his or her level, you save points. This allows you to be a different hero very time you play, becoming more proficient in many heroes. You can also unlock more heroes as you play, some of which are very powerful, others only marginally better than the default heroes. As yougain leadership points, you can also gain certain bonuses for ranking up, such as increased spelldamage or a new difficulty. This game is superb and I highly rccomend it to anyone who likes games that involve teamwork.

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