A fantasy late medieval mod for Mount and Blade : Warband

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I want to see this go full version!


Offers quite a diffrent aspect of gameplay, upgrade system is perfect and the quests are a nice refreshment from the ordinary world conquest gameplay .


Awesome mod.

The quest are great, enjoyed it a lot. This mod has a lot more things to offer than Native (of course, mods should do that). Companions are not found in taverns, which is a twist. You could have them via quest and everything (I'm hunting them down and that's why I'm really enjoying the game). I got about three already, so yeah.

I fancy the game, the quest, the castle thingy, the new Jalik's mercenaries. Just wondering, will I ever find that Slaver from Dirim quest or, it's not yet done. I mean, seriously, where could I find him?

Another suggestion, please capitalize the first letter of "footman" it just feels, odd.

As I said, awesome mod, 10/10. I'm very excited for it's completion.


Great mod,but he will be greater with the final version ;)

i really like the quests in this mod


zofopi says

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Realistic! late medieval fantasy mod

Great mod, too bad its so unknown :(


Great mod

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I want to see this go full version!

Aug 20 2014 by Poi3Zon