The Great Jedi Purge has spread throughout the galaxy with devastating results. Recent sighting of a Jedi fugitive in the Anodea system has led the Emperor to order Darth Vader - the Dark Lord of the Sith - to make sure that this Jedi won't leave this realm alive under ANY circumstance.

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No more tech support, sorry. For those not aware of the first Nikumubeki project, or those tired of getting Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II to work on a modern computer for TODOA - you can always save your time and not waste hours on trying to get the mod to work on your computer, and instead waste merely 19 minutes on watching the cinematic re-edit of the mod's story.

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No more tech support, sorry.

Long before Finn was accused of being a TRAITOR - long before the horrible 3D The Clone Wars cartoon covered Order 66 and long before the 3D Rebels cartoon had Darth Vader LIMPING - there was TODOA.

Released on January 1st 2010 for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (1997), it was quite positively received - considering that it was made for a pre-ancient video game.

And so that people wouldn't have to try and get that pre-ancient video game working at this day and age for a mod like this, I decided to make a "director's cut" movie version featuring most of the mod in one ~19-minute delivery. Thus you can view the first Nikumubeki project in all of its... content on which someone used their available free time. Fuh-reaky.

Some JK gameplay elements are and will always remain blatantly apparent in it, however. Who knew that Force Pull could get behind corners, and that Force Arm Removal was a thing?

But if you still want to see what the fuss was all about with regards to the mod itself, check these links out:

TODOA TC Single Player

TODOA TC Single Player

TODOA TC Single Player

TODOA TC Multiplayer

TODOA TC Multiplayer

TODOA TC Multiplayer


This video/mod is not endorsed by LucasArts, Lucasfilm, Disney, or any other copyright holder for Star Wars or otherwise. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Don't forget to check out the 2-minute follow-up mod made in 2015 (finetuned just a bit in 2018)!

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