In the original Todesangst we learn about Dr. Jack Newell and his horrifyingly successful endeavors to merge Xen and human life. Freeman and Joe, a courageous member of the Black Mesa security force, hunt down Dr. Newell and eventually succeed in smashing his biological engineering plots. The scheming doctor ironically meets his doom via his own creation, the "molecular transmutator" transforming him into a vicious Xenantromorph. Fade to black - roll the credits - end of story . . .or so we thought! Dr. Newell was the genius mind behind the experimentation and development of the Xenanthromorph program but the true power behind the clandestine research was a multi-national anarchistic group called Schwarzgeist. The Schwarzgeist had managed to put their personnel in key scientific positions within Black Mesa since its contruction. They managed to keep their identity secret until an inadvertent exposure during the resonance cascade disaster and ensuing containment revealed their...

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I would describe this as "highly customized Half-Life", though it is nothing like other mods offering classic Half-Life action. Todesangst 2 is unique in every way. The storyline is thought-through, and the author obviously made a lot of effort in creating every aspect of this mod as good as possible. I have to say that the author's approach in the second part of the Todesangst "series" changed a lot and mostly in good ways, but there are many similarities between both parts of the "series". I definitely recommend playing this mod.

Great fun playing this. Some parts are kinda cheesy, but overall it is well done.



Very nice mod, really worthy sequel.


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In the early ages of this mod, this was amazing for standards provided by the early hammer editor. It came with it's own stunning soundtrack, a story to hallmark, level design that was worthy of Valve themselves and left a legacy of awesome HL1 mods in its wake.

I am glad I played this when I was in the early ages of my childhood.

This takes a completely different approach to level design/gameplay than the last one

Summary: Good level design but I would have liked some tighter areas like the previous installment, variety of levels, variety of new enemies,
moderately difficult,
cutscenes used decently to convey story (but only when Gordon is there),
ok voice acting, (along with voice actors for Gordon/Gman)
A good conclusion and some secret areas that will give you parts of the code for bonus mission door whichs adds to replay value.
Some bad/bland areas like when underground and Xen.

A bit late in the review(since I made a playthrough of this a few years ago).

Anyway, I didn't expect this mod to be a Mission-based mod.
Which is kinda fun in a way but what bothered me is that the difficulty curve a the beginning needs to be adjusted.

Starting with soldiers that early? I can take it but there are just those times the game asks so much.

Finding the secret areas were also fun though. And entering the code for the training area secret and finding out whats in there was fun.

Hatchet throwing was also a neat idea, though I had accidents of using it while I was orienting myself with Training Mode(not shown on my series).
"Major Laceration Detected." Yeah, I had a laugh with that. I'm glad you guys added the detail for that.

All in all, it's a good mod. But there are times in which the game just asks too much from the player that they have to do multiple attempts(which in case my recordings) just to pass a certain area, which can be aggravating sometimes.

Good mod


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