The Game Inspired by TacticalOps, a game based on Epic's awardwinning UnrealEngine, a group of friends took an ambitious step, creating a sequel to their favorite game on a new level of UnrealTechnology. Led by the people behind TacticalOps and TOST, backed up by a bunch of artists, modellers, mappers and supporters, the team behind TO: Crossfire pushes the limitations of Epic's Unreal Engine 2. Facing the choice of bringing terror to the world or fighting it, you will be part of decisive battles at locations you will not forget. Rescue hostages, blow up a building, gain information, assassinate a target - there is a vast variety of possibilities to decide a battle! And thus the assault continues ...

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After almost 2 years it is time for an update on this page. Maybe you have thought that the project was dead. But TO:Crossfire is alive! It has been under constant development all the time the current version is 1.92.

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After almost 2 years it is time for an update on this page. Maybe you have thought that the project was dead. But TO:Crossfire is alive! It has been under constant development all the time the current version is 1.92.

OBJ-Trainstation OBJ-Trainstation
OBJ-Trainstation OBJ-Trainstation
OBJ-Blister OBJ-Blister
OBJ-Blister OBJ-Scope
OBJ-Scope OBJ-Scope

Change Log TO:C 1.92


  • Scope][
  • Trainstation][
  • Malicious
  • Small code changes in background
  • More functions for the mapactor "Destroyable Mover" (now we could add crates, that can destroyed step for step for example)


  • Province Nade Bugs

Change Log TO:C 1.9a

Engine Updates

  • fixed VIP Bug with Buymenu
  • fixed error log file
  • fixed low detail menu grafic
  • added option to increase performance in buymenu

Fixed Maps

  • OBJ-Asylum][
  • OBJ-Asylum][-VIP
  • OBJ-Drought][
  • OBJ-Getaway][

Change Log TO:C 1.91


  • Playershadows (activatable or deactivatable from serveradmin)
  • Realtimeshadows (see first point, but feature gets frames lower)
  • RicoChet (activatable or deactivatable from serveradmin)
  • Colored Weaponbar with weaponstatus
  • New Mapactor "Destroyable Mover"


  • codecleanup for more frames
  • optimized buymenu (framefix and new layout)
  • Dagger update for fixing shadowbugs

Change Log TO:C 1.9

Engine Updates

  • Escape Scenario
  • VIP Scenario (random VIP gets DE, Armor + Green Smoke)
  • New HUD
  • New buymenu
  • Choose playercharacter on serverjoin
  • Female models & sounds
  • New hostage - Rich Guy
  • Increased laserpointer
  • sell weapons in preround gives full money
  • New weaponicons in 3D view
  • Mainmenu update
  • Demorec icon in scoreboard
  • Show GUIDs on demorec start
  • Weaponmod for "DE/MSG", "Only Pistols", +++ (with tocmenu tab)
  • Security cam -> monitoring (not in use yet)
  • Changed sort of admin contextmenu (punish player, kick player etc.)
  • Cleanup code for more frames

New Maps

  • Asylum][
  • Blister][
  • Drought][
  • Getaway][

Fixed Maps (mostly bad corners fixed)

  • Anvil
  • Caspian Sea
  • Dagger
  • Infernum
  • Province
  • Rage
  • Richelieu
  • Trooper

Change Log TO:C 1.81

Engine Updates

  • repaired armor buy bug
  • fixed killscore after rejoin
  • Decreased the DE spread
  • Increased the RB damage
  • Increased the Projectile Speed of MP5k & MP5
  • Decreased Shutgun range/damage
  • Changed the skin of the HE nade
  • added Infomsg that you cant change your key, while you are on a server
  • Punishtk only on active round
  • Punishtk can be stopped by Admin (check tocmenu for changing or use the command)
  • Specator see in scoreboard the bombcarrier and the locations of all the players
  • added Weaponicon, Text to Spectating/Death View

Fixed Maps

  • Fixed Caspian Bombspot, Roof access and more
  • Fixed Trooper Buyzone, Elevator and more
  • Fixed Maui outer area access and more
  • Fixed Deluge
  • Fixed Forge2 and added some new things
  • Fixed Rage
  • Fixed Salsa roof access
  • Fixed Hyperion
  • Fixed Medina
  • Fixed Anvil outer area access and blocking volumes

Change Log TO:C 1.8


  • Added performance option for weaponsmoke
  • Added performance option for ShellcaseLifespan
  • Added option for blue crosshair during reload period
  • Added two new maps; OBJ-Trooper.to2 and OBJ-Forge][.to2
  • Added new StGeorge layout
  • Added round rewards GUI, command: activateguitab rewards - default button F7 (fresh TO:C install)
  • Added support for ACP
  • Added blocking some illegal commands
  • Added map name to scoreboard
  • Added time setting for Hit Indicator, [TO2_System.TO2_BaseHUD] HitIndicatorShowTime=0.5 in TOCUser.ini -> display time in seconds, negative value for no indication


  • Fixed framerate drops
  • Fixed sniper desync bug
  • Fixed most known bugs on all maps
  • Fixed switchplayer bug
  • Fixed hostage bug
  • Fixed AK reload bug
  • Fixed shotgun reload bug
  • Fixed direction for hit detection when hit by grenades
  • Fixed loading issue from Adminmenu
  • Fixed hud element showing negative health values
  • Fixed shotgun hit statistics
  • Fixed kill statistics when reconnecting
  • Fixed the charset bug in news page
  • Fixed scoreboard overlap
  • Reworked smoke grenade with faster expansion
  • Lowered ambient sounds for all maps
  • Reduced sound radius for footsteps
  • Improved textures for loading
  • Resized shellcases textures
  • Small firerate and recoil changes for pistols and G3
  • Small spread added to pistols
  • DE laser use reduce spread by half
  • Increased effect for weapon sparks
  • Reduced sound radius for click, scope and firemode switch
  • Reduced Mac/Scorpion price and recoil
  • Increased flash nade blind radius
  • Increased sniper inaccuracy when moving
  • Decreased tocmenu loading time
  • Reduced network cost
  • Removed ricochets due to performance problems

hmm... i seemed to have missed this on the front page somehow?
Downloading now :]

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This is somehow a great mod, though you need time to get into its weapons-feel.
It's better than counter strike in my oppinion and has a completely different pace. Also your maps were often nice and I like to see experimental guns like the Jackhammer in a game.

I have to try this out, because it's been one of the mods I played quite frequently some years ago. Only complaint was that the weapons feel to light, especially the smgs.

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Ugh, I remember playing this in the old days...

It looks really good right now, I wonder if it can get any better...

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is this standalone?
Do i need ut2 to work this?

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