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Invisible walls (Games : Mount & Blade: Warband : Mods : TLD Overhaul : Forum : TLD Overhaul v1.8.3L : Invisible walls) Post Reply
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Nov 18 2020 Anchor

There are a few maps with invisible walls. Not only arrows cannot pierce them, but also units or the main character cannot pass through. Example: a map in Dol Guldur. Check the arrows.

Nov 21 2020 Anchor

We will take a look at those. Are it only specific regions at which this is happening? Otherwise it will be quite tedious to find them all.

Thanks for the report!

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Nov 22 2020 Anchor

Actually, I'm not completely sure if they are region-specific. I'll keep an eye on this issue and report if I find any regions with excessive invisible wall problems.
This one was from Dol Guldur, just south from the forest I think.

Nov 22 2020 Anchor

Thanks :)

Jan 25 2021 Anchor

One of them is in Dagorlad near Khand Camp. Do you need screenshots or just locations?

Jan 25 2021 Anchor

A screenshot would help :)

Feb 6 2021 Anchor

Here is one of them:2

Feb 6 2021 Anchor

Noted, we will try to fix it.

Feb 7 2021 Anchor

Another one near East Osgiliath. This one is less noticeable because of all the trees, but arrows do get stuck in the air.2


Feb 7 2021 Anchor

Some of the tree mesh barriers got already improved by InVain iirc. The old ones might be the cause for the arrows in the latter pictures.

Feb 7 2021 Anchor

Another one near Pelargir. The second screenshot shows my character that is unable to go through an invisible wall.6


Similar (or the same?) map near Mordor. On the screenshot above my character cannot pass through an invisible wall. No trees nearby.87 19

The maps near the Khand Camp are probably the worst. When you line up you cavalry and then charge, you can see how many of the horsemen hit the invisible walls.

That is, the Khand Camp before the War.

Here is another one between Gates of Moria and Rivendell Camp

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