This is an overhaul modding project of the mod 'The Last Days of the Third Age' (TLD) for the game M&B Warband. We aim for overhauling TLD mainly visually, replacing armouries to look similar to the ones known from the films.

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Jun 15 2020 Anchor

I was thinking it would be cool to have infantry and archers for the various fiefdoms, mainly for flavour and a cheap alternative. an example would be lamedon archers or dol amroth infantry, obviously a lot weaker than the fiefs that specialises in them.

Jun 16 2020 Anchor

Gondor will be overhauled at the next version, visually and partly at the units available for them. I already work at the fiefdom troops and while most troop trees will not have big changes (like Lossarnach or Lamedon for example) others will get expanded troop trees. For Dol Amroth you can expect a Belfalas Militia line with Archers and Spearmen for example and Pinnath Gelin might get some Horsemen.

I don't plan to add every troop line to every fiefdom troop tree since in the end they are only auxiliary forces for the Gondor main army. Dol Amroth is a big exception here as it is an extraordinary fiefdom.

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