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Dwarven axemen (or is it axedwarves?) (Games : Mount & Blade: Warband : Mods : TLD Overhaul : Forum : Erebor : Dwarven axemen (or is it axedwarves?)) Post Reply
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Nov 18 2020 Anchor

It was strange to see the dwarves with no specialized single-handed (non-polearm) axe troops. And they had too many shooters to my taste (which seem to be ineffective in 1.83L). So I modified their troop tree a bit to add a fourth branch. It worked out quite well, so I decided to share.
The idea is: the starting apprentice branches into shielded and non-shielded troops. The two lower tier shielded troops wield both one-handed weapon (a sword for the watchman, an axe for the footman) and a spear. Then they start to specialize in one of these weapon types and branch into axemen and spearmen accordingly. Similarly, the non-shielded scout (a sword, a pick, and throwing axes) branches into shooters and two-handed warriors.


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Nov 22 2020 Anchor

We will have to redesign the Northern factions Erebor/Ironhills and Dale anyway again, to balance them properly out with Rhun. Our last try at that wasn't very successfull. And I am also not happy with our current crossbowmen. Not sure if we manage to work there more concentrate before the next update though.

It is a well made troop tree of yours and I will discuss it with the others. Not sure if a non-shield and a shield branch can be destinct that clearly in the end but it is a clever idea of which I have not been thinking yet. Thanks for sharing it!

Dec 14 2020 Anchor

Thank you very much!
I forgot to mention one thing. If I understand correctly, AI randomly decides which path to take when upgrading their troops. I tried to find any confirmation on the forums, but no luck. Anyway, if it's random, making archers to branch away one step further should reduce their amount from approx. 1/2 to approx. 1/4 of AI troop composition.

Dec 14 2020 Anchor

The army composition can be influenced via the party templates as far as I am aware. Will take a look at that when the time for it has come ^^

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