This is an overhaul modding project of the mod 'The Last Days of the Third Age' (TLD) for the game M&B Warband. We aim for overhauling TLD mainly visually, replacing armouries to look similar to the ones known from the films.

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Oct 31 2020 Anchor

Can you give Erebor Goat cavalry, and give Dain a pig?

Nov 6 2020 Anchor

I think we disagreed about that. Giving the Dwarves cavalry would make them even stronger and we rather need to think about how to weaken them to balance that faction out properly with Rhun.

Nov 22 2020 Anchor

Could there be a patch with the cavalry option?

Nov 23 2020 Anchor

Erebor and the Ironhills will get reworked again a bit. We could then create a patch with a cavalry option, yes. That might take us a bit since we first need to get good goat meshes which fit nicely and work them in. For Dain Ironfoot I tend however against riding on a boar. He is already an old Dwarf at that time with 252 years at the time of the War of the Ring and while he was still strong enough to wield his axe he wouldn't have managed anymore to ride in my opinion.

Nov 24 2020 Anchor

For Dain I would fully agree, even the artwork done for the Hobbit showcasing the defence of Erebor during the War of the Ring showcases him on foot. It would make sense, as it was a surprise he could still wield his axe as mightily at that age, so of course riding the boar would not be an option. The goat cavalry, however not lore friendly is a good edition to the dynamic of a slow and static army. If dwarves were to use them like the movie, I would imagine that they would have remained as a force even during the defence of Erebor. A patch allowing the choice to play with them or not would be awesome, no matter how long it would take to make. :)

Mar 1 2021 Anchor

Perisno has pretty good goat meshes

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