Tier666TA is a bot AI modification focused on replay value. Bots can now move around just as pro players do. To play this mod, you need both Quake3 Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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"Tier666 Team Arena Edition" or "Team Arena Redux" is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Team Arena. Bots can now move faster and act more unpredictably. You can expect more on enjoyable opponents. With version 6 you can expect much more on bot performance, especially in q3dm6. You need to have retail version of both Quake III Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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Version 6.1 is now released with small yet significant improvement on performance.

D/L Windows version

D/L Linux version

D/L MDK(map development kit)

* New Rules *

[ Kamikaze Rush Hour (based on One Flag CTF) ]
- round game
- instagib
- every time a player catches white flag, kamikaze timer with random factor is activated on him
- explosion can only be activated by this timer
- explosion is prolonged with random factor if flag carrier frags an enemy

[ Max Overload (based on Overload) ]

- round game
- spawns with 200 health/armor, full weapons and decent amount of ammo
- the goal of offense team is to destroy enemy obelisk while defense team is to prevent it
- offense team spawns at self team's or enemy team's respawn spots, while defense team uses their initial spawn points

[ Harvester Redux (based on Harvester) ]

- a player who touched enemy obelisk with skulls is now teleported to team base
- capture count is multiplied by 2 if more than 5 skulls are brought at a time, multiplied by 3 with more than 10 skulls

[ Clan Arena ]
- round game
- spawns with 200 health/armor, full weapons and decent amount of ammo
- fight till one team is exterminated

* Change Log *
- added *new* map entries in single player mode(Clan Arena)
- added 30 new quotes
- added a new command "traveltime" for debugging purpose of bot fishing
- changed force model from sarge to grunt
- improved the rule of "Kamikaze Rush Hour" and "Harvester Redux" to make it worth challenging and more balanced
- g_forcerespawn is no longer forced to 1 sec (is now 5 secs by default)
- optimized bot AI regarding waypoint detection, CPU usage or memory access is now reduced to the level of v5.0 equivalent
- fixed an item bug in q3dm17 where red team couldn't pick up doubler near red obelisk
- fixed a team AI bug that gave all bots team leader skill

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