Tier666TA is a bot AI modification focused on replay value. Bots can now move around just as pro players do. To play this mod, you need both Quake3 Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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"Tier666 Team Arena Edition" or "Team Arena Redux" is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Team Arena. Bots can now move faster and act more unpredictably. You can expect more on enjoyable opponents. You need to have retail version of both Quake III Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC.

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Title : Tier666 Team Arena Edition (v4.0)
Author : Shoko 'a13xoloid' Asahara
description : Bot AI Mod for extraordinary offline experience
platform : Windows95 or above

* Description *

"Tier666 Team Arena Edition" or "Team Arena Redux" is a bot AI modification for QuakeIII Team Arena.
Bots can now move faster and act more unpredictably.
You can expect more on enjoyable opponents.

* Features *

- redefined "fast and furious" playing experience
- new gametype "Kamikaze Rush Hour"
- new gametype "Max Overload"
- new gametype "Harvester Redux"
- quick single player score trial
- additional player movement
1. double jump (from CPM or Quake Live)
2. bounce pad double jump (from Quake Live)
- advanced bot movement
- dynamic weapon choice AI
- sampling human player jump from demo file as a helper waypoint for bots
- wider range of render setting

* Play Information *

- make sure you have retail version of both Quake III Arena and Team Arena installed on your PC, ideally patched to v1.32
- unzip the contents of tier666TA-4.0.zip to your Quake3 folder, so that "tier666TA.exe" sits in the same directory with original "quake3.exe"
- double click "tier666TA.exe" to play

your_quake3_directoy\ (such as C:\game\quake3\)
|_baseq3\ (essential, addon contents should be located here)
| |_ pak0-8.pk3
|_missionpack\ (essentail)
| |_ pak0-3.pk3
|_tier666TA\ (tier666 directory)
|_ cgamex86.dll
|_ qagamex86.dll
|_ tier666.pk3
|_ uix86.dll

WARNING: You can't use tier666TA.exe to run other mods, including original Quake3 Arena.

* New Rules *

All new gametypes are round-based.

[ Kamikaze Rush Hour (based on One Flag CTF) ]
- everytime a player catches white flag, kamikaze timer is activated on him
- kamikaze can only be activated by this timer
- best played with small/medium sized simple maps

[ Max Overload (based on Overload) ]
- spawns with 200 health/armor, full weapons and decent amount of ammos
- the goal of offense team is to destroy enemy obelisk, while defense team is to prevent it
- offense team spawns at self team's or enemy team's respawn spots, while defense team uses their initial spawn points
- best played with any type of maps including terrain maps

[ Harvester Redux (based on Harvester) ]
- if one team succeeded to deliver skulls, all skull status is reset
- best played with small/medium sized maps

* Change Log *
- based on q3hopper engine, all codes are compleltely rewritten to be more generic
NOTE : some of the old wacky features are permanently/temporarily disabled
- bot movement is now completely prediction safe
- added Tier666 features in menus
- Tier666 CVARs are now written to "q3hopper.cfg" and "q3tier666.cfg" respectively on quit
- fogs can now be completed eliminated through "r_drawFog"
- "r_minLight" can now affect all the dynamic/static vertex color as well as lightmaps
- added a new feature to sample player jumps from demo file for use as a set of helper waypoints toward target item
NOTE : only normal jump can be sampled properly (no walking/running, no rocket jumping)
NOTE : up to 16 sets of waypoints can be loaded for each map, and each set can have up to 8 jumps
NOTE : you can't expect bots to roam the whole level only with this feature

till v2011
- replaced legacy S3 texture compression format with newer version, resulting in better quality and faster loading speed on some gfx unit
- extended the behaviour of weapon bar (ammo stocks, match timer and MH/RA/YA respawn timer can now be informed during switch)
- added a new player movement, that is, Quake Live style "bounce pad" double jump
- it works as if kicking a wall, so you must try to move toward a target wall just before pressing jump button, but once kicked or bounced, you might want to flip the input direction to gain air acceleration or so as not to eliminate it
- the more momental upward vertical speed, the more kick speed gained

* Quake3 CVARs Changes *

bot_challenge - tournament bot and team leader have challenging flag on with no regard to this value
cg_forceModel - uses bitmask - default:0
1: force model, 2: flip team, 4: use alt red, 8: use alt blue
red: keel, red alt: tankjr, blue: sarge, blue alt: crash
cg_gunX,Y,Z - is no longer cheat protected
cg_gibs - can now specify the amount of gibs, 0:disabled, 1:full, 2:decent, 3:few - default:1
pmoved_fixed - is always disabled on server start, should not be enabled for the best experience
r_ambientScale - is no longer cheat protected
r_overBrightBits - can now be in effect for windowed mode as well
r_mapOverBrightBits - does not affect lightmap and lightgrid
r_railCoreWidth - can now take effect
r_railSegmentLength - can now take effect
r_ext_compressed_textures - can now compress textures with S3TC_DXT format, 0:disabled, 1:DXT5, 2:DXT1, 3:DXT3 - default:0

* Tier666TA CVARs *

bg_doublJump - enable double jump (can gain additional jump height) - default:1
bg_wallKick - enable wall kick on bounce pad - default:1
bg_forceForwardJumpAnim - always use forward jump animation instead of acrobatic backward one - default:1

cg_muzzleFlash - draw weapon flash effect when fired - default:0
cg_screenBlood - draw 2D blood effect on screen - default:0
cg_bleeding - draw bleeding around player models when damaged - default:0
cg_bloodTrail - draw blood trails when gib'ed - default:0
cg_ambientSound - play ambient sound - default:0
cg_headScale - scale the head model just for fun - default:1.0
cg_lightningImpact - draw impact flash by lightning gun - default:0
cg_playerLean - lean player model based on speed - default:0
cg_leastDlight - disable violent dynamic light - default:1
cg_hitbeeps - 0:no beeps, 1:mono tone, 2:damage based tone, 3:the opposite tone of 2, 4:armor based tone - default:2
cg_projectileScale - scale the radius of projectile trail - default:0.5
cg_drawItemTimer - draw MH/RA/YA timer during weapon selection, 0:disabled, 1:basic, 2:detailed - default:2
cg_drawSpeed - show player's horizontal movement speed in unit/sec - default:0
cg_crosshairHit - colorize crosshair with color2 on bullet/missile hit - default:1
cg_simpleKamikazeIndicator - display sprite icon instead of animated skulls around players - default:1
cg_baseq3Music - replace gloomy team arena music with random quake3 music - default:1

com_bspScale - scale the size of level on the fly (bots are not supported after scaling, just for fun at the moment) - default:1.0
cl_captureJumps - dump jump data of following player to a file(wps/[mapname]/[mapname]NN.wps) while playing demo - default:0

//g_arenaIndex - set the 1st area index that will be played (Tour d'Arena) - default:1
//g_arenaRepeatCount - set how many rounds will be played in each arena till moving to the next (Tour d'Arena) - default:2
g_skipRoundOnHumanDeath - when one human player died, his team instantly loses on round-based games - default:1
g_oneFlagKamikazeTimerBase - base time in second till white flag carrier activates kamikaze - default:10
g_oneFlagKamikazeTimerRandom - random plus/minus factor in second for above - default:3
g_ffaBotKamikazeRevengeBehind - bots start to spawn with kamikaze, when their scores are behind leader's by this value - default:10
g_ffaLynchlaw - bots try to attack only human players - default:0
g_tourneyBotRune - bots spawn with a rune in order, excluding scout - default:1
g_tourneyBotFullWeapons - bots spawn with full weapons and 666 ammo counts available in the map - default:1
g_singlePhase - do not swap offense/defense on new round, offense team is always blue, defense is red - default:0
g_rescueFallenBots - teleport bots who fell into critical trap - default:1
g_botStrafeTappingMethod - use different tapping method to avoid LG/RG, valid value from 0 to 2 - default:0

hopper_allow_godlike - allow ridiculous hop(height/speed) to target - default:0
hopper_battle_hop_percentage - how often bots try to hop during combat - default:100
hopper_battle_hop_rocket_jump_percentage - how often bots use rocket jump emulation when they try to jump during combat - default:10
NOTE : if hop_percentage is 80% and rj_percentage is 40%, actual rj_percentage is 80 * 40 / 100 = 32%
hopper_battle_hop_wait - how long bots must wait for the next hop after landing during combat(in msec) - default:100
hopper_hop_on_stair_steps - bots try to climb up stairs quickly by hopping - default:1
hopper_hop_while_running - bots try to hop while running around if possible, the higher this value is, the more possibilities will be checked with higher CPU costs - default:3(max)
hopper_hop_to_item - bots try to hop toward visible item/player if possible, -1:only lower or equal height, 0:disabled, 1:all possible - default:1
hopper_max_fall_height - max falling distance bots are allowed to fall as a result of hopping to item/player - default:512
hopper_quick_withdraw - bots try to withdraw(go backward while facing enemy) quickly like shrimp - default:1
hopper_use_external_waypoints - bots use user defined waypoints as a supplemental aid to reach target item - default:1

[for speed]
r_drawFog - default:1
r_drawMapObjects - default:1
r_lodBiasIgnoreSelf - prevent 1st person view weapons to go blocky as a result of positive lod bias - default:1
NOTE : may not take effect depending on the weapon setup (i.e. grenade launcher)

[for protection of eyes/nerves]
r_darkenWeaponEffects - darken weapon effects, up to 2 bits - default:0
r_freqScale - scale the interval of blinking textures - default:1.0

[for visibility]
r_picmip - set picmip for level textures and map objects only - default:1
r_picmipExp - set picmip for missile explosions only - default:0
r_huntMode - 1:make level textures gray, 2:make lighting elements gray, 3:make both gray - default:0
r_simpleTextures - replace non-shader-manipulated textures with flat ones, can also be combined with lower picmip value to make only SFX textures distinct - default:0
r_customShaderRemap - remap shaders based on the texts in "remap" directory - default:7
NOTE : use bitmask, 1:trans, 2:alpha, 4:water, 8:solid, 64:custom
NOTE : r_simpleTextures activates all remaps, except custom, with no regard to this value
NOTE : remap source shader should not use lightmap blending
r_fastSkyR - designate red element for fast sky, min:0, max:255 - default:13
r_fastSkyG - designate green element for fast sky, min:0, max:255 - default:13
r_fastSkyB - designate blue element for fast sky, min:0, max:255 - default:13
r_simplePlayerSkin - force all player skins to be flat colored with designated RGB elements - default:0
r_simplePlayerSkinRedR - designate red element for red skin, min:0, max:255 - default:128
r_simplePlayerSkinRedG - designate red element for red skin, min:0, max:255 - default:128
r_simplePlayerSkinRedB - designate red element for red skin, min:0, max:255 - default:128
r_simplePlayerSkinOthersR,G,B - do the aboves for skins other than red - default:128, 255, 0

[for brightness/contrast]
r_intensityPM - set the intensity of player models - default:2
r_intensityTX - set the intensity of level textures - default:1
r_lightgridOverBrightBits - set overbright bits for lightgrid only - default:2
r_lightmapOverBrightBits - set overbright bits for lightmap textures only - default:2
r_minLight - minimum value of lightmap/vertex brightness to cope with dark custom maps - default:0, max:255

r_clampToEdge - fix black seams around skybox - default:1
r_normalizeByColor - prevent over-lit textures turn white out - default:1
r_zFarScale - scale the value of zFar (never draw anything whose distance from player exceeds this value) - default:1.0
r_forceCullBack - always cull backside of polygon, or never draw as two sided - default:0

* Plan *

- adding new gametypes

* Author *

Name : Shoko 'a13xoloid' Asahara
E-mail: hareluya666@gmail.com
Home : Moddb.com

Special thanks to id software to release full source code.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This mod is (c) by a13xoloid (2011). All rights reserved.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this mod, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium (e.g. that would be included with a magazine)
without my explicit permission.

You MAY distribute this mod and associated files through the (internet,
FTP, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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