Naming Explanation (Classic Special Power):

The basic idea of this modification was, to bring back the properties of classical superweapons, which were no mass destruction weapons, but tactical special powers. Especially the fantastic ion cannon with it's nice classic beam effect.

CHANGELOG (to Tiberium Wars 1.09)

CHANGELOG (to Classic Special Power 1.0)


- New superweapon effects with reduced damage and significant smaller radius (damage decreases strongly from center to circumference of the explosion)

- Increased damage in total and moderate decreasing center -> circumference


- Public timer removed

- Reveald enemy superweapon control centre removed

- Announcements removed (except own ready)

- Charging time reduced

- Nuklear Missile and Rift accelerated (equalize Ion Cannon)

x Graphic bug -The missile of the Nod superweapon sometimes is not shown, only the tail!

It comes down in different angles. Maybe this might not be supported by the

graphic engine or i did anything wrong. (When incoming from the other side of the (camera)view, there is no object visual)


- New stealth generator building (former disruption tower), appertaining animations and construct button portrait (based on tiberian sun’s stealth generator)

- Price stealth generator increased

- Stealth generator requires pre-building „technology centre“

- Stealth generator only one buildable at a time

- Stealth generator armor increased

- Stealth generator is self-cloaked

- Stealth generator cloaking radius increased

- New ion cannon control centre, appertaining animations and construct button portrait

- Price superweapon control centres reduced

- Armor superweapon control centres reduced

- Price tiberium refinery slightly increased

- Armor outpost increased

- Power plant's management changed somewhat (more power in original state, less increase by upgrade)

- Armory, Secret Shrine and Stasis Chamber heals 8 infantry units at a time. Simply select a couple of units and direct them to the mentioned buildings. Only those, who nead cure, will move there.


- Mammoth tank inertia reduced

- Mammoth tank rocket pod firing rate increased, damage slightly reduced

- Mammoth tank (invisible) geometry downscaled, to not be hit excessively more (in a group of tanks) by superweapon, compared to Avatar and Tripod.

- Nod harvester armor slightly increased (still less than gdi and scrin but all higher than weakly KW ones in original)

- Cost carryall transporting highly reduced

- Beam cannon bug (stop and go before shoot) eliminated

- Range beam cannon increased

- Price beam cannon slightly increased

- Beam cannon can fire through buildings, no barrier (to satisfy the purpose of an artillery) (graphically not terrific, but juggernaught does the same)

- Missing explosions from aicraft projectile to ion control centre added

- Avatar laser sound volume increased and put in more distortion

- Armor avatar reduced (KW niveau)

- Damage avatar laser slightly reduced (still higher -> KW), damage beam cannon laser upgrade increased

- Armor tripod increased (Equal to mammoth. Still loses in a quantity of equal costs (6vs5). EMP ability as compensation)

- APC minefield laying time to zero

- Stealth Tank damage increased (less than tiberium core KW)

- Stealth Tank price increased

- All faction's commandos detection announcement removed

- GDI and Nod commando's blasting ability (buildings) coupled to a reload time (Usable with ability button. Destroy walker ability remains the same as TW 1.09)

- Nod commando's cloaking ability is triggerable by ability button. Sustained for a certain time and while moving.

- Armor Scrin commando reduced (still more than GDI's and Nod's)

- Speed Scrin commando slightly reduced

- Scrin commando's manipulator ability range reduced

- Price Scrin commando reduced

x Cursor bug - When aiming on a enemy building while having the Nod or GDI commando selected, the C4 cursor still shows up (Clicking on it does nothing). I will fix this, as soon as i figure out how to.


- new sorting of construction list (in vertical columns)


(- Empty „other structure“ tab of crane removed)

- Activation of radar from „command post“ and equal buildings of other fractions


- New and colored decals for target marker of the special power abilities



- Additional (some exchanged) multiplayer colors.

military green, military brown,

navy blue, slate gray,

blood red, white


Build Radius

- Only construciton yard, crane and outpost have a build radius (-> no base-moving)

- Initial construction yard build radius highly enlarged (further construction yards have standard sized build radius [-> no build into enemy base from far away])

- Construction yard deployable once, means no pack function (-> aggravates build-to-enemy-base from beginning and yes... classic!)

- Build radius of outpost is buildable from allies

- Build radius of outpost slightly increased


...also see my map edits

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- Official „Kane‘s Wrath“ maps VIEW ADAPTATION and NO EPICS – [addition]

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- Official „Tiberium Wars“ maps VIEW ADAPTATION - [addition]

- Official „Tiberium Wars“ maps VIEW ADAPTATION - [addition]

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- Official „Tiberium Wars“ maps VIEW ADAPTATION -

Multiplayer Map

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Full Version

Naming Explanation (Classic Special Power): The basic idea of this modification was, to bring back the properties of classical superweapons, which were...


I'm looking for this mod, I am very annoyed I can't find it right now. I vaguely remember seeing a mod that had c&c4; units and there was a screenshot of what looked like a AW-30 Avatar on red zone rampage, it was right beside a MARV and it looked much taller/bigger than the MARV, do you know which mod I am talking about? Your mod has c&c4; units?

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