Tiberium Wars Advanced seeks to bring the game closer to its Westwood roots while also maintaining the unique new flavor that Tiberium Wars brought to the series. New units, abilities, structures, strategies and a fresh gameplay experience are just a few of the things TWA brings to the table. With updated gameplay that brings the "Strategy" back into RTS and removes the "zerg rush" mentality, TWA is a mod that will appeal to both die-hard, base-building Westwood fans and those relatively new to the franchise alike. Don't believe us? Give it a download and try it out!

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Updated the old changelog and added some infos about Scrin. Released date is scheduled for sunday.

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 Heres an updated change log for 1.4. Still not final, but it includes some differences to the one postetd earlier... And it contains the Srin change log :)


Planned release date is sunday (or at the beginning of next week)


Basic changes:
-superweapons dont reveal the target area anymore (still not sure if I will remove this change or rewrite it so the area is revealed until the superweapon has finished)
-bugfix: you can now build near alliied Scrin Drone Platforms again
-Visceriods fixed, they now work like they should (Corruptors cant attack visceroids now)
-Commandos/Masterminds heal themself if not in battle
-changed experience system, all units need to kill twice their price to get promoted
-improved Veteran & Elite boni, made Hero a bit weaker
-all Harvester have 6500 healthpoints
-EMP effect from EMP Controllcenter now last twice as long (20s)
-fixed bugs with Commandos in the campaign

-moved SensorPod Upgrade to Airfield
-ACP minefields are now laid down instandly, making them very usefull when retreating
   *1/3 more health (remeber, their weapon stats in TWA are different from TW 1.09)
   *AutoInjector Upgrade heals faster
-improved Rigs:
   *deployed Rigs take only 50% damage from CANNON weapons
   *doubled missile damage vs air
   *5 instead of 3 Repair Drones
   *can now call transports
*Railguns got a 50% penalty vs infantry in TWA 1.3 - this change has been removed in TWA 1.4 fpr Preds & Mammoth (but NOT for Zone Trooper)
*instead, the Railgun Upgrade is now inaccurate vs infantry (its now as accurate as the normal tank gun)
-"Laserguided Missiles" effect persistent twice as long
-Surveyors get their correct vision range while deploying
-Mammoth tanks dont slow down when crushing enemy units
- infantry with composite armor takes a bit more damage from flame weapons

-moved Signature Generator Upgrade to Airfield
-Changed Katalyst Missiles.
   *Their damage wears of to the margin of the area of impact - raffineries and harvester in the center still get killed (including Scrin harvs), but units on the edge survie in red condition
   *Tiberium explosions inflict way more damage than before
-Changed Dispersion Bomb
   *lowered damage from 12.000 to 10.000
   *changed damagetyp from GRENADE to CANNON
*lowered cost to 3000$
   *Increased their bomb damage by 10%, allowing 4 of them to kill a tech centre
   *Fixed their MG. Its now limited to attack things BEHIND the Vertigos instead of being able to turn around. In exchange, their gun damaged was doubled
-lowered WF delay
- Rocket Militant EMP Mines cant be triggered by enemy infantry anymore
-Emissarys get their correct vision range while deploying
-Harvester now unloads forward instead of backwards
-Avatar buildtime/cost raised to 2400$/24s
-Stealth tank damage increased to 600 (from 375) (due to the lower amount of missiles compared to TW 1.09, their total damage is still lower as in 1.09)
-Slightly improved Confessors to make them more usefull

-Devourer tanks can load twice as much tiberium
-Tripods can charge their weapons with Tiberium (but they need a lot more than Devourers)
-Added "shield matrix" upgrade to Technology Assembler (Seeker & Deovourer tanks get a shield smiliar to Forcefield Generators)
-Devourer, Disintegrator & Tripod weapons changed: they now deal small amounts of damage as long as the laser fires, instead of dealing all damage at once (overall damage is still the same) (only affects normal laser, NOT tiberium enhanced weapons)
-Disintegrators now slow their target down when attacking (only affects vehicles)
-Devastator & GunWalker weapons reversed back to 1.09 values
-Corrupter move faster and got a range increase (both about 20%)
-Seeker are more agile, got a increased range and shoot 3 instead 5 missiles (overall damage is still the same)
-Masterminds got a laser weapon vs infantry. Unfortunately, they still got the mind controll cursor when attacking infantry (not sure if I will keep this change for TWA 1.5, but I think its worth a shoot)

Those are the changes so far - The only thing left are some bugfixes and maybe change some Scrin upgrades (either move 1 or 2 to stasis chamber or give them additional infantry upgrades).

Oh, and I need to add the totally new late game economy bonii for all 3 sides... ;)

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