Tiberium Dusk is a re-imagining of the Kane's Wrath universe in a way I feel better fits canon, as EA did a pretty poor job with the C&C franchise continuity from Tiberium Wars onwards. This mod doesn't change anything with regards to the story but helps add elements to the gameplay that "fill the gaps" and provide a more Tiberian Sun esque experience (including all its flaws and unbalances) and departs away from the Kane's Wrath RTS formula. Still a work in progress, I've made changes to the AI (buffed turtle AI and made brutals harder), made changes to "Militant Squads" which make them work with the timeline of the franchise, changed the "Nod" faction entirely with a new name, as Kane's Wrath "Nod" works more of a splinter faction rather than a true "Brotherhood"; with Marked of Kane being the new face of the faction. There are also numerous changes to GDI and Scrin, especially Reaper 17 and Steel Talons, which make them play significantly differently.

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Showcase of new Black Hand changes, some of them Work in Progress. Seen is the Black Hand Hellfire Artillery, Flame buggies and Flame turrets.

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1.25 Black Hand Update!

A faction I've been wanting to work on since forever is finally getting some much needed love. The Black Hand is currently in the works receiving a new "flame" update which adds new Flame Turrets, Flame buggies and the all new Hellfire Artillery Spectre variant.

Flame Buggies essentially forgoe their anti-air capabilities in exchange for a powerful flamethrower that is more effective vs buildings and infantry, but has to get quite close to use properly. This unit is affected by the Purifying Flame upgrade and as such gets upgraded flamers when this is purchased.

Flame Turrets are much the same thing, although they fire TWO deadly jets of long range flame (the longest in the game); which literally raze everything they touch. Compared to the laser turret, flame turrets cost 1500 credits making them more expensive and their durability has not improved, so they can be countered much the same way. However the multipurpose nature of flame weapons makes them more effective overall compared with laser turrets. These turrets are also affected by purifying flame, making them a true terror to fight against.

(Heads up, if you want to see how awesome these artillery are, skip to 2:25 on the demo above)

The final beast is the "Hellfire Artillery", which is a monster of its own. Still a work-in-progress, its power can be already be seen in the above demo, firing a flaming meteorite up into the sky, it splits into several smaller components that land and cause fires on the ground that linger around. This thing has some serious firepower but is very inaccurate and generally ineffective vs vehicles, unless you use them for area denial. This vehicle distinguishes itself yet again, like the Marked of Kane artillery; and when completed will round Nod artillery off as a truly multi-purpose system. (With Nod Legion having cheap artillery, Marked having multipurpose and Black Hand having area denial)

The gameplay currently feels really good, I'm really happy with the results of 1.25 so far; I just need to polish things up and make stuff work better (graphics and gameplay wise) and it should be good to go at some time soon in the future. (I hope ;P)

At some point I'm going to have to write a changelog for 1.24 -> 1.25, that's not gonna be pretty. xD


Woah! Those Hellfire Artillery maybe be inaccurate but they do look powerful in numbers! I'm looking forward to using them in battle! >:D

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Burakkuhāto Author

They sure are! :)

Black Hand Spectre in vanilla Kane's Wrath really gets the short-straw, being unable to Stealth or Bombard targets from afar... AND costing the same price.

But now it gets a whole new ability of its own with how wide its area of effect is. ;P

I just need to polish it up, give the flames some sound effects etc and it should be perfect. The new Spectre types give some cool opportunities for coop play, a Marked player can deploy an EMP spectre whilst a Black Hand player rains fire down onto the disabled vehicles etc.

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