Tiberium Dusk is a re-imagining of the Kane's Wrath universe in a way I feel better fits canon, as EA did a pretty poor job with the C&C franchise continuity from Tiberium Wars onwards. This mod doesn't change anything with regards to the story but helps add elements to the gameplay that "fill the gaps" and provide a more Tiberian Sun esque experience (including all its flaws and unbalances) and departs away from the Kane's Wrath RTS formula. Still a work in progress, I've made changes to the AI (buffed turtle AI and made brutals harder), made changes to "Militant Squads" which make them work with the timeline of the franchise, changed the "Nod" faction entirely with a new name, as Kane's Wrath "Nod" works more of a splinter faction rather than a true "Brotherhood"; with Marked of Kane being the new face of the faction. There are also numerous changes to GDI and Scrin, especially Reaper 17 and Steel Talons, which make them play significantly differently.

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Footage of the current build of Tiberium Dusk, currently still has many things that need fixing and implementing fully and may look pretty similar to 1.24. This is intentional as 1.25 is essentially a general improvement update rather than a content update. Things I've been working on include: New features, graphical tweaks, sound design / changes, gameplay changes and balances and much more.

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Tiberium Dusk 1.25 Beta 4v2 Brutal Gameplay

Above video is as usual, some gameplay of the latest build of Tiberium Dusk. There are many new gameplay tweaks and features, some of which are shown in the video, these include:

  • Atmosphere changes, Scrin now have sound effects denoting each structure type, making them feel more alien.
  • New UI colour overhaul, will eventually involve all factions, making colours more subdued to remove the cartoonish look in-engine and ridiculous overbright faction colouring.
  • AI improvements, AI will occasionally do new stuff like purchase mothership (now bought through Scrin Airstrip) and are somewhat more aggressive. (Will eventually enable most support powers for AI, have already begun with some, will most likely have all upon release)
  • House / Team colour glow when selecting units, rather than "white flash" as in vanilla Kane's Wrath.
  • New general sounds, Mammoth Tanks and various other units have new sound effects; am aiming to implement more as I work on them.
  • Many unit rebalances, from ZOCOM to Scrin; some units like the Goliath Predator have a new APFSDS fire mode which makes it highly effective vs vehicles, but completely ineffective vs infantry and structures, and takes 10 seconds to swap mode to.
  • Tiberium Fiends added, functions not dissimilar to its Tiberian Sun counterpart.
  • Neutral monsters (Visceroids, Fiends) can now be purchased through the Mutant Hovel and have their own behaviours.
  • Wild monsters are spawned in different ways, for instance, Fiends are spawned from Infantry deaths in Green Tiberium, and Visceroids are spawned in Blue Tiberium.

I've also been doing some behind the scenes attempts at Lua Scripting which haven't gone well so far, but eh, I'm getting there; I have a simple system for No Superweapons or Epic Units in place (that I'm not gonna use) and I'm also attempting something else, but this is mainly a sideline to the main mod which may be used in the future; I don't know yet.

I still have quite a lot of work to do, fixing up the Mutant Hijacker, making all the ambient sounds for Scrin universal and possibly giving Scrin a complete overhaul, there's lots of work I wish to do for them to make them a more original faction but it all takes time.

I'm also interested in bringing back the Chemical Missile from Tiberian Sun as an alternative Superweapon for Nod.(Legion)

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