Tiberium Dusk is a re-imagining of the Kane's Wrath universe in a way I feel better fits canon, as EA did a pretty poor job with the C&C franchise continuity from Tiberium Wars onwards. This mod doesn't change anything with regards to the story but helps add elements to the gameplay that "fill the gaps" and provide a more Tiberian Sun esque experience (including all its flaws and unbalances) and departs away from the Kane's Wrath RTS formula. Still a work in progress, I've made changes to the AI (buffed turtle AI and made brutals harder), made changes to "Militant Squads" which make them work with the timeline of the franchise, changed the "Nod" faction entirely with a new name, as Kane's Wrath "Nod" works more of a splinter faction rather than a true "Brotherhood"; with Marked of Kane being the new face of the faction. There are also numerous changes to GDI and Scrin, especially Reaper 17 and Steel Talons, which make them play significantly differently.

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Full rework of the Phantom Artillery (Marked of Kane's Spectre Artillery model) and footage showing the majority of its new features. For a list of the features scroll down and check the notes.

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Tiberium Dusk 1.25 Phantom Artillery Rework

In the above video is a showcase of the near complete rework of the Marked of Kane Phantom Artillery which now gives it a wide range of features, making it the first "brains over braun" artillery unit possibly ever implemented in Command and Conquer, and its uses can be planned in unique ways. Here is a summary of its changes, with an explanation of its fire modes after:

  1. Implementation of different fire / deployment modes. High Explosive, Micro-Nuke and EMP.
  2. Bombardment of each mode changes ammo for each mode (not shown in video), so you can lob EMP shells or Micro-Nukes across the map, or HE if that suits your fancy.
  3. Unit is stealthed when relocating, but unstealthed when deployed.
  4. When deployed the Phantom is considered "base defence" and as such, can be sold or repaired like any other structure; however it cannot be powered down.

High Explosive:

The simplest ammunition type of the bunch, effective vs everything; the jack of all trades, master of none. It has the smallest splash radius out of all the projectiles, but generally is the most effective at stopping a heavy tank or Epic Unit assault.


Devastating Mini-Nuke technology, has a shockwave effect that is highly destructive versus buildings and infantry, but insulated vehicles such as tanks are resistant to its effects; light vehicles however are not and will frequently get ripped apart by the explosion. Leaves a pool of noxious short-lived orange radiation behind that lasts just 6 seconds, compared to the regular green radiation. It has the second largest splash radius of the 3 shells.

Electro-Magnetic Pulse:

The only shell that does no damage, nor can it affect infantry; fires a blue shell with a huge splash radius, being the biggest of the 3 shells. Any units or structures hit by this shell will be disabled for 8 seconds, and the Spectre can keep the units disabled repeatedly if the shells don't scatter too far; however, this is down to RNG, and if the follow up shell misses the vehicle will reactivate. Highly effective support shell, works well in conjunction with the other two fire modes.

Other changes are being made to the mod in the meantime, but I'm really happy that I got a reasonably complex system like this to work, which gives a fun new way of using artillery. :D

Will keep everyone updated as I continue working; have a good one!


Now, this is content, you guys that re-invent these old games and breathe life back into them. Truly magnificent work, can't wait to see what you do next.

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Burakkuhāto Author

Thank you for the kind words. :)

I have a couple of ideas planned next, including Tiberium Fiends and some extra features.

I've gone off map-making for a while to mainly focus on the gameplay of the mod, but I'm taking my time to create new fresh ideas as well as implement smaller changes that people have asked for.

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Just make sure high explosive can fire while undeployed. xD

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Burakkuhāto Author

It already can currently due to the code base, but I did have to remove the bombardment button for the time being which means its inaccessible.

I might have to fiddle around with the programming to make it fire on click, like other units as there are ways to make special abilities do that. (Essentially simplifying it to an attack that works when Shadow teams beacons are near)

OR I can redo the carryall system (which I've been wanting to do for a while, in an attempt to make it "classic" styled)... and re-add the bombardment button.

Personally I hate the way Carryalls just fly off the map when used, I'd like them to be a unit that you purchase permanently for a reasonable price. (As in Tibsun)

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