Tiberium Dusk is a re-imagining of the Kane's Wrath universe in a way I feel better fits canon, as EA did a pretty poor job with the C&C franchise continuity from Tiberium Wars onwards. This mod doesn't change anything with regards to the story but helps add elements to the gameplay that "fill the gaps" and provide a more Tiberian Sun esque experience (including all its flaws and unbalances) and departs away from the Kane's Wrath RTS formula. Still a work in progress, I've made changes to the AI (buffed turtle AI and made brutals harder), made changes to "Militant Squads" which make them work with the timeline of the franchise, changed the "Nod" faction entirely with a new name, as Kane's Wrath "Nod" works more of a splinter faction rather than a true "Brotherhood"; with Marked of Kane being the new face of the faction. There are also numerous changes to GDI and Scrin, especially Reaper 17 and Steel Talons, which make them play significantly differently.

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Showcase of the upcoming Micronuke Ammo for the MoK Spectre which will ship with radiation effects too. :)

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Tiberium Dusk 1.25 Micro Nuke Showcase

Fairly straightforward this one, a new "Micro-Nuke" effect has been implemented for the Marked of Kane Spectre Artillery as a new kind of ammo, this kind of ammo will function as a multipurpose weapon, though being nearly completely ineffective vs vehicles due to its tiny "Davy Crocket" esque explosion radius and moderate damage, a direct hit versus a structure is completely devastating and the radiation pool it leaves behind is noxious enough to block the paths of incoming infantry.

The Spectre Artillery weapon swap system hasn't been developed yet, but to prevent it from being overpowered its going to work in a unique way. Before you deploy said artillery, you will have the option of 2-3 deployment types, "Micro-Nuke Artillery", "High Explosive Artillery" and possible "insert artillery idea here" (thinking of EMP atm tbh), that way the Spectre will have to go through its deploy animation rather than allowing you to quickly swap ammo, but ALSO allowing for the user to bombard distant targets using specific ammo types (rather than only HE), you may want to drop a micro-nuke on an enemy base, or you may want to splash some enemy vehicles with a high explosive shell... I aim to leave the choice open to the user.

This system is required not only for balancing reasons, but also because there's not enough room in the deployment box for all the ammo types AND the bombardment and deployment button, which I want to be a unique feature for the MoK spectre.

What would be perceived as a weakness (inability to select all spectres at once) will turn into a major strength. I'm also planning on a "quick bombard" function which allows it to fire basic high explosive shells without having to do the full deployment process with ammo type; for those of you who want to be able to group fire. ;)

There are also other small fixes for MoK like the ability to build walls that was for some reason not enabled, and also some planned upgrades to certain units; I wont mention which. :D


General Tao would be proud...

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Burakkuhāto Author


Almost paying homage to the Generals Nuke Cannon, it has the exact same Generals Radiation effect exclusive to the micro-nuke, which I implemented earlier today. :) (Though it only lasts for a measly 6 seconds compared to the big nukes 20 seconds)

The big nukes will continue to have green radiation though.

Currently making the weapon swap system for the Spectre atm.

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