Tiberian Sun Rising was a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars! Tierian Sun RIsing brings back GDI and Nod battleing it out during the Second Tiberium War, retelling Tiberian Sun as never before. This isn't just a remake of the hit title C&C Tiberian Sun. It is a mod making Tiberian Sun as it should have been originally so expect lots of new fun and originality while sticking to the feel Tiberian Sun had. Taking the mindset that this is the first time Tiberian Sun is being made and using the original game as a design concept. This mod will also include the additions made in Firestorm so it is a remake of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm as one to what they should have been.New abilities and units will appear in Tiberian Sun Rising as well as new kind of gameplay altogether...

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Tiberium Fiend
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that looks like a Tiberium Pinky Demon, which what Tiberium Fiends really are.

(tho a Tiberium Baron of Hell also fits cause it throw projectiles)

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AssassinCS Author

We based it on our version of the design of the Tiberium Fiend you can find the Concept Art we based it off here. Moddb.com

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its perfect!!

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An extraordinarily aggressive creature the Tiberium Fiend often found near larger Tiberium fields. Is this Tiberium putting up a kind of defences? or is this mutation purely random? Scientists have speculated the Tiberium Fiend has mutated from a canine species but none have witnessed the transformation first hand to confirm this hypothesis. The growing of tusks, crystals on its back which launch as super sharp radioactive crystal projectiles fired with enough force to puncture metal. Recommend infantry units keep their distance from these creatures if they arnt literally torn to shreads the exposure to tiberium will almost certainly kill them or god forbid worse they could mutate themselves.

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