Tiberian Sun: Revelations Storyline

Brave New World:

Ten years have passed since the events of Firestorm and fate of the world is uncertain. Nod despite being severely weakened by the Crisis has managed to hold on to some semblance of organization but for the third time in History, the Brotherhood disappeared under ground. GDI has maintained a careful vigil, knowing that with leadership, there was every possibility the Brotherhood would rise again.

Peace however was welcome and allowed for GDI to focus on other issues it was facing. The Tacitus had given GDI the means to begin cleaning up and reducing Tiberium poisoning across the planet. Modifications made to the existing Sonic technology meant GDI could start clearing vast areas of Tiberium growth, creating desolate, but habitable wastelands which were being re-settled for the first time in decades. Codenamed Project: New Eden, GDI set about reclaiming massive tracts of land across Europe, Australia and the former United States.

New Eden however, was however meeting stiff resistance from what was a surprisingly resilient, but under-represented group. Tiberium poisoning had reached critical point. The global population at this point stood at approximately 1.2 billion, with almost 64% of that living in newly the classed "Yellow Zones". Decades of existing in impoverished conditions, without access to basic sanitation and healthcare had led to mass mutation of yellow zones peoples. Almost 80% of the affected populations were suffering from Tiberium mutation of some form, with a further 40% of that, completely dependent on Tiberium in order to live. For Project: New Eden to succeed, almost 250 million mutants would have to be sacrificed.

GDI was faced with a humanitarian crisis of never before seen proportions. They were tasked with an impossible decision; risk the lives of millions to save the surviving human population? Or allow for Tiberium poisoning to continue consuming the planet. Massive relocation efforts were put into effect, with those with chronic Tiberium poisoning, being sent to “Reservations”, deeper and deeper within the Yellow and eventually Red Zones of the world. Growing unrest within the mutant population began to polarize against GDI and tensions were beginning to run higher every day.

The Rising:

For a long time, all Intel on the Brotherhood and their leader Anton Slavic were sketchy. Rumours of infighting had begun to perpetuate until one day, GDI was shocked to discover the crucified body of Slavic, hanging outside the GDI Bureau in Washington. Carved into the chest of Slavic's faceless and mutilated corpse, were the words "CESARE HAS RISEN".

Rumours had indeed been correct, although temporarily united after the Firestorm Crisis; the Brotherhood had once again fallen into disarray. Disagreements over the direction the Brotherhood should take had risen to boiling point. Slavic, leader of the Black Hand and Cesare, the self-appointed leader of the “Confessors”, had begun to wage an underground war over the future of Nod. Slavic believed that the Brotherhood should lie in quiet, awaiting the return of the Messiah, while Cesare believed that it was their duty to fulfill Kane’s dream in his absence.

Support for Slavic begun to slip away as Nod warlords and generals began to rally under Cesare, who promised that the Brotherhood’s time was at hand. Stockpiling forbidden technology, he was soon able to challenge Slavic’s forces openly, until finally, he laid siege to the Black Hand headquarters in the Brazilian Red Zone. Killed while trying to flee, Slavic’s body was recovered from the wreckage of a de-railed train which was intercepted by Cesare’ air forces. At this, the Black Hand forcibly brought into line, and Cesare a terrifying new figure, assumed command of the Brotherhood. He immediately set his sights on GDI, the heretics had gotten away with far too much, and decisive action was needed. Cesare knew that GDI’s weakness was Project: New Eden, he knew of the rebellion that brewed within the mutant population, he knew that now was the time to strike back.

In the name of Kane…


-Death Cultist (Leader and developer)
-Cesare (Mapper and campaign manager)


Confessor (SuperJoe)
Inquisitor (Blubb)
Engineer (SuperJoe)
Rocket Infantry (SuperJoe)
Cyborg (SuperJoe)
Zealot (SuperJoe)
Fanatic (Blubb)
Hijacker (Dethro)
Stealth Trooper (Blubb)
Elite Cadre (Dethro)

Nod Voxels (Azri_Apoc)
Nod Venom Bomber (Azri_Apoc)
Nod Harpy (Big Jah)
Retributor Tank (Hassan)
Nod Stealth Tank (Ariz Apoc)
Devil's Tongue (Stygs)
Subterranean APC (Tactical Trance)
Artillery (Mirage)
SS. Sarajevo (daTS)
Nod Sub (daTS)


GDI Peacekeepr (SuperJoe)
Disc Thrower (SuperJoe)
JumpJet Infantry (SuperJoe)
GDI Sniper (Blubb, GameMaster0000)
GDI Commando (Dubzac)
GDI Marine (SuperJoe)
Zone Trooper (Machine)
Orca Voxels (Muldrake)
Kratos Platorm ( ZoidZilla)
GDI Cruiser (LKO)

Vehicle Remakes (Chriz)
GDI Titan MK II (areaSZ)
GDI Fighter Jet (Kurorahk)
Mammoth Tank (shin.peter.pan)
Hover MLRS (shin.peter.pan)
GDI Humvee (SanDisruption)
Mammoth Mech (SuperJoe)
Wolverine Mk. II (LKO)
Centaur Walker (LKO)
GDI Railgun Tank (Muldrake)
GDI Medium Tank (RLY_BiG_Tank)
Mutant Battle Tank (Rly_big_tank)


Riot Trooper (Dethro)
Police Units (Regulus_V)

Various Civilian Buildings (Rico, Clazzy, Mei Ling, Aro, IVI, VEF4 and Jah)
Civilian Armoury Bittah Commander
CABAL Gunwalker (LKO)
CABAL Scout Mech (LKO)
CABAL Barracks (LKO)
Other (Special) Gamemaster0000

Mod Logo: Omegabolt

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