The TSM project tries to recreate the Tiberian Sun missions and tries to stick as possible as it can to the original campaigns while making adjustments. It is using the great Tiberium Essence Mod made by Carnius, check it out first !

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FoxFort says

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Having original TS missions remade in TW is what i wanted since TW was released.
Current remade missions are made exactly as a remember them. A great work and thank you !


UweWeber84 says

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Not a mod but a mappack, creator also abandoned it


darktiberium21 says

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good mod


FekLeyrTarg says

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If you're a fan of "Tiberium Essence" and wish to play some fun custom missions made for this mod, then TSM is for you.

The maps and missions are very close to their original "Tiberian Sun" counterparts. Balance works well and some of the tactics used on the original missions can be used here as well.
TSM also makes sure not to use any TW-era units and lets you build the TS-era ones exclusively.

In short, TSM is as close to the originals as it is going to get on TE and definitely worth checking out. :-)


Alexx321 says

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