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Mar 22 2014 Anchor


Battle day 12-32-71
Good Welcome Citizens.
Our United Efforts continue to be rewarded in the struggle for peace.
Where-ever there is oppression, Nod is there.
Not with empty promises or propaganda, but with divination.
Good evening!
By permission of general Hassan himself it is with great honour that we bring you the following live execution.
One vision, one purpose Oxana.
One vision, one purpose Maychek
I can tell from all the vert-com traffic tonight that this termination is a special one.
Yes, very special,
I've been told the mixture this evening is 100% toxin and no sedative.
If every-thing goes as planned our traitor should remain fully concscinous until the painful end.
We'll keep our fingers crossed.
General Hassan has joined us.

One vision, one purpose
The technology of peace.
Be seated!
One death is not enough for Anton Slavik.
For attempting to give our enemy our most vital secrets, the GDI spy should die a thousand times.
In the name of Kane.
Kane lives in death.
Sweet dreams Slavik.

Dead and back commander, dead and back.

Sir, it's an honour to have you back.
Cabal, situation.
A division of Hassan's elite guard is closing in on our position,
the probability of a favourable out-come can be increased if we can return to your main base and engage the enemy as we move.
Define favourable out-come Cabal.
They all die.
That'll do.
Let's go, no man or structure stay standing.

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