Thrawn's Revenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. It includes the events of the Galactic Civil War after Palpatine's death at Endor, up until the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty. If you own the Steam version of EaW, you will have to complete extra steps to run the mod after installation. Please see the manual for these steps.

shadowzaron says

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This mod is amazing!!! I grew up reading all the books and fell in love with the expanded universe outside of the movies. All the different types of worlds and species and the different ships and this mod takes my every dream and brings them to life. Every ship is very detailed every character is fleshed out the voice acting in my opinion is impressive the galaxy map and UI is clear and easy to use. You can't go wrong with this. It isn't just a legends fan's game either. Any star wars fan can pick it up and slide into comfort with it. Difficult but in just the right way to make it engaging and a game where you won't just give up you will want to build up more units and try and try again. There are so many empires with their own little things and so many different ships and ground units. I have started my own series on it if anyone would like to check it out

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Great mod and with in it makes the game much more appealing and the fact that this game follows after the events of the battle of endor, makes this mod feel like a full expansion to the game as this mod is at times fells more or less like one. To me the mod seems to have put better effort into there work man then the actually developers at times. Many new factions tons of new units and a lot of new worlds, while not every planet from the original game are here it makes up for with at least 50 more…

Dec 18 2010 by fFoxfire