Experience dark winter as never before; this plugin adds a great island far north, until recently completely isolated from Tamrielic law. Now that the Imperials have arrived and colonized the island, complications with the local Nords are undeniably present and the area’s agitation is tangible.

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This interview is outdated and does not contain any useful information.

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This interview is outdated and does not contain any useful information

Interviewer: How many side quests will there be in Thorlak Island and how many are you done writing?

Haulik: There will be 21 and I'm done writing 10 of them.

Interviewer: By the way your numbers don't include faction quests do they?

Haulik: No :)
I'm working on three factions and they're going to have 5 quests each :)

Interviewer: 5 quests is not very much considering the original Oblivion's number. Are the quests longer than the original? :D

Haulik: Yes the quests are going to be longer, and better :P

Interviewer: Haha that's needed :D
Without saying to much I've heard that you call one of the factions "the true mages guild". Why is that?

Haulik: I call one of the factions "the true mages guild" because you really need to be a mage to win.. :)

Sounds interesting however I'll move back to just generally speaking
quests. Will some quest including faction quests have alternate endings?

Haulik: Haha that I can't tell, you need to play them to see that :D

Okay however I was thinking about how diverse the quests will be? Will
there be quests much different from anything we've seen in vanilla
Oblivion? :)

Haulik: Different? Very much... This is like a totally new way to play factions :D

Interviewer: Well only one thing to say to that: Haulik.youaremighty.com

Anyway I was thinking about if there will be any secret quests? Meaning quests not showing up in you journal :)

Haulik: That's secret.. Cant says more about that.. :)

Okay will the quests from city to city vary in type? Example: Will
there be many warrior quests in Fjundak but less sneak quests and more
sneak quests in Dagesh but less warrior quests?

Hmm.. Warrior quests, sneak quests.. My quests is not like that I'm not
think about that when I'm writing them, my quests are stories...

Sure they are but aren't they stories with warrior and sneaky things in
them like "arrv now I got to smash the skull of this ice bear" and "ooh
I must sneak behind this guard!"? In that way quests can be defined

Haulik: Well yes but, I'm not thinking about it like: "Now im going to make a warrior quest". It's just a story :D

Interviewer: Thank you for participating in this interview Haulik. Any final words to the readers?

Haulik: Yeah: Thorlak Island is going to be great :)


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