Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Feb 12 2009 Anchor

If you have any suggestions for developer team, post them here. ;)

Feb 14 2009 Anchor

for the high elves the noldor should return(the kool armour guys in last alliance) and hav regular light/medium armoured troops

Feb 15 2009 Anchor

Actually they have both from the beginning. There are light and medium units plus heavy Eldar units (soldiers which were seen in the prologue of Fellowship of the Ring). ;)

Feb 15 2009 Anchor

o would make that campaign more challenging if u know wut i mean...
wut about the upgrades...will it be easyier to get upgraded armour weopoons and morale...(in M2TW the upgraded armour showed out on the units like peasent archers upgrade lvl 2 armour(silver)maid them look like armoured seargents...)=will that b in this mod?

Feb 15 2009 Anchor

Few units have armor upgrades (Vault Wardens for an example) but it would take ages to create new skins for many units.

Feb 15 2009 Anchor

ok...(mabey future releases?)

i'd have empire total war b4 this comes out...the demo is coming soon

u should chek it out cuz i luv gunz in total war

Feb 15 2009 Anchor

I really like the new updated shots of the Silvan Heavy Spearmen, that Code_Knight put out they really show the diffrent armor upgrade in those.....

Feb 15 2009 Anchor


Feb 15 2009 Anchor

Silvan heavy units look really good in general too in my opinion. ;)

Feb 16 2009 Anchor


Feb 16 2009 Anchor

so what faction will u guys platy as first?

Feb 17 2009 Anchor

Silvan Elfs for me ;)

Feb 18 2009 Anchor

HighElves for me!!!

and for evil?...mor than likeley isengard or harad

Feb 24 2009 Anchor

Harad Or Rohan

Feb 24 2009 Anchor

Likewise, evil will be Isengard for me...:devil:

Mar 8 2009 Anchor

this are just suggestions for a future upgrade for the game if there are any planned that is, this are just more factions suggestions like the Goblins ( which i forgot their capital city name sorry XD), Angmar and maybe a well organise hobbit faction to confront the war basicly the Shire ( they did won a battle years ago against a small scouting orc force) and who knows maybe the return of Numenor and Arnor ( that would be a great project letting the designers creat their own concepts of hoe the armies of Numenor and Arnor would look like ( and if i may suggest it would be good emblems for the flags and armors of both of those nations a dragon designed type for Numenor and a lion kind for Arnor ) ) that is all this are just suggestions for additional factions for a future posible expansion of the game if you are planning for one that is and if this ideas were already given or talk about in some of the caonversations of the forum sorry wasnt my intention in stealing suggestions. PS: if you find that i have a weird way with words and hoe i wright them sorry english is not my base launguage or whatever.

Mar 8 2009 Anchor

There is already Goblin faction: Orcs of the Misty Mountains, Angmar was destroyed 1000 years before beginning of the mod and Hobbits are part of Eriador and it's pretty hard to imagine them conquering world. There is provincial campaign planned about war of Arnor and Angmar.

Mar 8 2009 Anchor

i see that explains somewhat, but the factions that are not an existing one on those times that i mention where a what if type of factions thats why i put them as suggestion for a possible expansion if you guys fill like making one. it would be funny and kind o cool to conquer the world with the shire, you know that too right XD.

Mar 8 2009 Anchor

good: Dwarfes or Rohan. Evil: Isengar or Harad.

Mar 9 2009 Anchor

As I said there will possibly be expansion which is placed 1500 years before beginning of our main campaign, it would include Arthedain, Cardolan, Khazad-dûm, Angmar, Lindon, Imladris and other factions.

Mar 13 2009 Anchor

can we play those all

Mar 13 2009 Anchor

It's not entirely sure will we make it but if we do all factions will be playable.

Mar 22 2009 Anchor

Orcs of the misty mountains! I hope they don't have the same skins as mordor orcs though...-_-

Mar 23 2009 Anchor

They have unique models.

May 1 2009 Anchor

First of all great job...!
a few buggies\issues i've noticed...
1 - I have been noticing the occasional FOR ENGLAND! Voice still around in differant situations...
2 - I noticed when I try to play a custom battle and pick fortress or something the game
crashes but If I pick Fort first then things change (IE. the Seige Battle option pops up) and then I
can then pick a differant settlement level like citadel, fortress etc...
3 - It seems like unit placements in the battles are a little pickier than in the original game...
For some reason it wouldn't allow me to place a unit of speamen in a certain place unless I moved them
to another place first... strange...

Love the mod... great work...!

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