This is an unofficial CONTINUATION for Third Age Total War, the classical Lord of the Rings Medieval 2 mod discontinued many years ago. It adds lots of new features, changes some existing ones and add many bug fixes. This unofficial release has no link to the original TATW mod creator, its a independent project. Though it uses the original mod as basis, and all credits are given to its original creators.

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I like the more simple, movie based rosters and you really make the best settlements!
Please add in Lorien as a seperate faction, it'd make the mod even cooler.



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Es un gran mod, me gusta mucho lo que hizo con gundabad, y a pesar de que tu antivirus detecte un archivo modificado como "virus", no te asustes (yo tambiƩn me asuste) no es un virus realmente.

This mod installs a virus on your computer. Run a scan if you've downloaded it, the virus is well known.


Great job

Save the world!

I prefer lore first, gameplay balance second, so this is a much better choice when comparing to other LotR mods out there...

but 10 years? In 10 years no one noticed that Erebor Battle Map has a bridge that enemy cannot cross, so that map is completely unplayable. 'Lore accurate' as Dwarf, I got random Orcs spawn in and attack my cities multiple times, even when I surrounded with allies. also 'Lore accurate' my Dwarf Warriors got mauled down by Goblin Spearmen.... 'Goblin Spearmen'?!


This is exactly what TATW should look like. No more no less.


This is an amazing mod. Play and you won't regret it. Thank you, Leo.


Great settlements! I've seen how much work has gone into this mod it's a massive achievement!

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