The project is a HD texture mod for the first part of the game series Thief: The Dark Project / Thief Gold.

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TG FM: Shadow Politics [Released on 04/28/2012] (Games : Thief: The Dark Project : Mods : Thief Gold HD Texture Mod : Forum : Thief 1 & Gold - Fan Missions : TG FM: Shadow Politics [Released on 04/28/2012] ) Locked
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Feb 14 2014 Anchor

TG FM: Shadow Politics [Released on 04/28/2012]

Author : skacky

Screenshots (+HD Mod):

This FM takes place between Thieves' Guild and The Sword.

"After the Ramirez and the Downwind Guild jobs, I decided
to keep a low profile for some time in order to strengthen my network
of acquaintances and associates. It didn't take long for some rich
people to follow my trail and try to contact me; heh, I robbed
and humiliated a Warden after all. One night a stranger knocked
on my door and said his master wanted me to do a job for him.
I was about to dismiss him when he managed to... distract me.

15,000 gold for the job, it's something I cannot refuse. The job
is to break into a highly-secured embassy in the middle of Hightowne
and steal a priceless diamond staff owned by an aristocrat from
Blackbrook, a city-state currently at war with The City. That noble-
-man, Duke Whitehall is urging the Baron to cease the war between
The City and Blackbrook for economic reasons, and my mysterious
employer doesn't want that to happen. By stealing his staff, he
thinks that the Duke will blame The City for the theft and return
to Blackbrook, cancelling all negotiations and thus allowing the
war to continue.

Breaking into this embassy will be tough; since the meeting is to
be held tomorrow, the security will be extra-heavy. The district is
closed at night and a swarm of lawmen patrol the streets, but
fortunately a friend of mine can let me through the Lampfire Lane
gate for two pieces of silver. I also have a map of Hightowne that I
managed to piece together over the years. I don't go often in there,
but it's a pretty lucrative area despite the danger. Once there,
I will have to carefully avoid being caught; the rooftops or the sewers
should do the trick. My employer has given me instructions to follow
with some information about the embassy itself, this will come in handy
when I'm there, because I have the feeling this is not going to be a

Some tips:
- Remember to read the scroll you are given at the beginning of the mission, it contains some hints.
- Explore, explore, explore. While the mission isn't all that vertical, there's still tons of hidden things and goodies.
- Save at least one or two rope arrows in case something happens. There are two rope arrows you can find in the mission on any difficulty level.
- Be sure to read everything you come across. The readables aren't novels, but they are still pretty helpful and contain various hints.
- I have designed the mission so that there's always a way out if you find yourself stuck.
- You can climb a lot of different places and there are ways to get out of the level if you're very good.

Download Mirrors:


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Feb 14 2014 Anchor


Feb 16 2014 Anchor

Played it long ago but the HD texture mode gives me a reason to play it again :D

Feb 19 2014 Anchor

Hi guys, i just recently did a german lets play of this FM and thought of adding a reference to it into this forum. The english fans of this FM can just treat it as a little bit of gameplay ^^.

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