*Support only Definitive Edition mode, no changes made for the classic mode.

*Updated with AoeDE build 46777

*Been possible thanks to- AdvancedGenieEditor3

#### Mod Version 2.5 Changes:

The mod come with a launcher app.

General changes:

• Units names changed

• Hunters carry +15 more food(25 food capacity).

•Trees +25 wood and +25 Hit Points.

• Trade Workshop added(from the Bronze Age you can start sell/buy commodity).

• Trade Carts added(from the Bronze Age you can start trade goods for gold from ally market back to your market).

• Coinage also decrease the trade workshop trade gold cost when researched.

• Siegecraft also grant Siege Workshop units +10% Hit Points.

• Engineering also make Siege Workshop units train faster.

• All Villagers +10 Hit Points in each age(max +30 in Iron Age).

• Gold mines +200 gold.

• All of the upgrades and research techs take +60 seconds to complete.

• Removed Camel Rider unit from Shang civ.

• +100 hit points to all buildings in each age(max +300 in Iron Age).

• Alchemy research make the fire arrow to deal +5 damage against buildings.

• Chariot and Chariot Archer unit take less 5 seconds to train.

• Heavy Horse Archer, Heavy Phalanx and Heavy Cataphract cost +10 food and +15 gold, take more 5 seconds to train.

•.Cataphract and Heavy Cataphract movement speed decreased from 2 to 1.8.

• After Cataphract been researched the Cavalry unit will replace the scout and stay alongside the Cataphract unit in the Stable, offering faster moving, faster train and cheaper alternative horse unit.

• Swordsman units cost changed to(from short Swordsman to Heavy Swordsman), 35 food and 15 gold, 45 food and 20 gold, 45 food and 30 gold, 60 food and 40 gold. instead of 35 food and 15 gold for all.

• Clubman train time changed to 19 seconds from 26 seconds.

• Axeman train time changed to 22 seconds from 26 seconds.

• Slinger train time changed to 23 seconds from 35 seconds.

• Improved Bowman train time changed to 25 seconds from 30 seconds, its cost changed to 20 wood instead of 20 gold and he replace the Bowman when Composite Bowman is been researched.

• Logistics also grant all land units +10% movement speed.

Reworked civ bonuses:

//Tech Tree Civ attributes

• Villagers move 10% faster.
• Archers fire 25% faster.
• Chariot units cost -15%.
• Siege Workshop units +30 hit points.

• Stone Miners work 20% faster and carry +2 stone.
• Market technologies cost -30%."
• Walls and towers +60% hit points."
• Priests rejuvenate 30% faster.
• Barracks units +1 attack.
• Villagers build 10% faster."

• Axeman, Short/Broad/Long swordsmen and Legion +5/+15/+20/+60/+80 hit points
• Towers +2 range
• Storage Pit technologies cost -40%.
• Towers +2 range
• Fishing Boat and Fishing Ship carry +10 more food.
• Priests cost -30%."

• Farms cost -20%.
• Gold Miners work 20% faster and carry +2 gold.
• Government Center technologies are 15% cheaper.
• Chariot units +33% hit points and train 20% faster."
• Priests +3 range."

• Town Centers work 10% faster starting from Tool Age.
• Academy units move 30% faster and 20% cheaper.
• Ships move 20% faster."
• Slinger +1 attack and fire faster."

"• All archers +1 attack."
• Stone Thrower, Catapult, and Heavy Catapult +50% hit points."
• War ships (except Fire Galley) +2 range in Tool Age, +3 in Bronze / Iron Age.
• Chariot units move 15% faster.

• Ships cost -30%."
• Composite Bowman train 10% faster and have +2 range and line of sight.
• Farms +60 Food.
• Town Center is 20% cheaper."

• Hunters work 30% faster and carry +3 food."
• Elephant units move 25% faster.
• Caravans tech is 50% cheaper.
• Horse Archers fire 20% faster"
• Triremes fire 25% faster."

• Woodcutters work 15% faster and carry +2 wood."
• Elephant units cost -25%."
• Catapult Trireme and Juggernaught fire 30% faster.
• Ships move 10% faster and have +10% hit points.
• Trade Workshop buy gold give extra 15 gold(60 instead of 45)."

• Villagers cost 40 Food.
• Afterlife and Sacrafice techs are 50% cheaper.
• Start the game with -40 Food.
• Trade Cart carry more gold( 1 of their trade cart is equal to the carry capacity of 2 trade carts of other civs).
• Walls +60% hit points."

• Villagers +15 hit points and Villagers cost 1/2 population.
• Domestication, Irrigation and Writing techs are 50% cheaper."
• Stone Thrower, Catapult, Heavy Catapult fire 30% faster."
• Farms +175 Food."

• Villagers move 10% faster."
• All cavalry units and Horse Archers cost-15%."
• Ships +20% hit points.
• Farmers work faster and carry +5 food."

• Start the game with +50 of all resources.
• Academy units and elephant units +25% hit points, Camel Riders +15% hit points.
• Slingers +2 range."
• Fire Galley +25% attack."
• Transport ships move 25% faster."

• All non-ranged units +2 line of sight."
• Academy units +1 pierce armor in Bronze Age, +2 in Iron Age and attack faster."
• Siege Workshop units cost -25%."
• All units 4 times more resistant to conversion.
• Storage Pit Shield technologies cost -30%."

• Villagers cost 75 Food, but have armor and work 25% faster."
• Start the game with +75 Food."
• Camel Riders move 25% faster."
• Tributes are free."
• Trade ships return more gold.

• Buildings cost -10%, except for towers, walls and Wonders."
• Towers cost -40%."
• Swordsmen attack +33% faster.
• Ballista and Helepolis improved accuracy and have +1 range.

View of the app:


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Full Version 3 comments

if the app bring an error that it cant find a location press "ok" and just set the paths thorugh the paths configure button and after it exit the app...



Full Version

Small mod, for slightly new gameplay.


When I load up the Mod Launcher, my mouse pointer just turns into a loading icon. I can't click Configure Paths to get it set.

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Great mod :) I have a question: How do you edit empires.dat file?? Cause I open it in notepad and its hardcoded I think, what program you are using to edit it? Plz help I want to edit this game and if u know how to extract slx graphic files from AOE 1 DE cause I using SLX studio but its just cant load them and giving me some error :( if u can help Im will be very appreciate :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheSwan44 Creator

I edit the empiers.dat file with AdvancedGenieEditor3 program, about graphics there is the Turtle pack but its not seems to working, only for preview as far as i managed

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ok many thanks bro ;)

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