A mod of a mod. THERA but with new.. most things! THERA is: Romans, Knights, Pirates, Orcs, Vikings, Reptiles, Samurai, Pike and Shot, Gunpowder, Monsters and moarrrr!!

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Loved the original. This just improves it in all aspects


Almughavars says

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Great mod!

Must have!!! The old classic mod for MTW 2 is back and become more stable!!!


My favorite Medieval 2 Total War mod


Lot's of creativity, interesting setting with fun spins on many tropes/lore, and most importantly active development.

Fantasy artwork is always great!

Must Play!


Breath of fresh air for one of the best mods of med 2 , it just has a pair of solvable bugs



a outstanding mod, if anything, i call it the best mod of this year, however, every mod has it issues, and it is worth mentioning them:

whenever fighting the spanish(and just the spanish), it seems as if crash are almost a gurantee if fighting against them, i haven't quite been able to hammer down through trial and error the exact unit that causes it but as it stands my current bet lies on a cavarly unit of theirs as being the trigger of the crash, i would honestly recommend checking that one up.

and, as a recomendation of one, perhaps as a musket unit the norsemen could have in esentiality a carolean? that probably would be quite a interesting way to have it work

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Loved the original. This just improves it in all aspects

Dec 31 2019 by plumply