S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - The Zombie Zone 2 bring back the Zombie Apocalypse to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat with the already viewed mechanics,new improvements,new ambient and the story continuation.

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Some new big news from The Zombie Zone 2 development.

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HEY STALKER'S! I am back a one more time,i bring some good and big news in The Zombie Zone 2 development!.

I started to upload Dev Diary's monthly,i think what in a week i not progress sufficient to make a Dev Diary.
Lately i not sprend sufficient time to the mod because i still learning about NPCs creation,models,custom quests,dialogs,etc.
All relevant's things to create a Storyline,i maked some principal character's but i still writing the story for mod.

The Zombie Zone 2 development probably can be extended to 2020.
Only time can answer that,i work alone with some side help because my Dev Team dissolved after some "internal problems".

Content of mod can be eliminated or modified in final version.

Advise 2:
Sorry for my bad english xD.

New map:

Start with some big... a new map! Zaton,Jupiter and Pripyat will be deleted and North-West Dump remplace them.
The map only contain few stalkers and a important NPC in a camp,but i started to fill this.

Thinked map area's:
• Survivor's Camp
• Military Outpost
• Raider's Church
• Gulag
• Clandestine's Tunnel
• Liquidator's Camp
• Swamps

Credits to Khyzyr and Stalker mods clan.


New factions:

Not are "new",only remplace existent,but this had some different ideology's and objectives according the story.

• Clandestines [Freedom] Scientific stalkers and evil criminals interested in experiments with RK-14 virus for a malicius use.
• Liquidators [Duty] Group of stalkers with a common objetive,exterminate zombie infestation.
• Survivors [Stalkers] Not infected humans wanting to survive a one more day in the Zombie Zone.
• Raiders [Bandits] Clan's of robber's and bandit's surviving with the use of brute force.
• Spetsnaz [Army] Special Russian Forces sended to the Zombie Zone for special operations and investigations.



Year 2014.
2 Years after The Zombie Zone 1 Events.

Konstantine Chernov,a reporter sended to the Zone with a small group,to make a report and documental about situation with Zombies,is now our principal protagonist.
Some time after enter in the Zone,they make's a expedition inside the Zone,arriving to North-West Dump.
After arrive the place... the group of Chernov was attacked and robbed by Raiders,4 members die and 2 escape and Chernov has been captured and sended to a Gulag managed by Raider's.
Chernov stay 3 month's cauptive,but the perfect moment is near and they decided to escape with the other prisoner survivor's.

Now Chernov is alone... abandoned for his own inside the Zone,he need to finish his report and escape from the Zone,but the way is not easy.

Principal Characters:

• Chernov (Protagonist)
• Nikolai (Liquidator's Leader)
• Melnikova (Clandestine's Leader)
• Olivier (Chernov's friend)
• Rusik (Chernov's friend)
• Arhara (Trader)
• Kolyan (Medic)
• Kiryukha (Mechanic)
• Borzij (Raider's Leader)
• Strogino (Antagonist)




Q) The Zombie Zone 2 been carried to other languages?

A) Yeah,only for English and Spanish,and if possible Russian.


Q) You want to make a CoC version of The Zombie Zone?

A) Maybe.


Q) You think in work in a The Zombie Zone 3?

A) If The Zombie Zone 2 is good accepted and rated probably i can work in a Trilogy,but i interested in make other mods.


Q) You want to release expansion's or "DLCs"?

A) Yes,when The Zombie Zone 2 development finish,i will release "Infected" a expansion where you can play like a Zombie.


Q) You think release other Demo or Test version?

A) Yes,i think to release a Beta version,i can't say when but i make that.


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