Zombie Apocalypse

Essence Statement
In an effort to extend the average human life-cycle, a group of scientists unwittingly create a transmittable disease that reacts violently to the chemicals your body releases when you die. This reaction jump-starts the body for continued life. however, without any thoughts of their own, these walking dead rely on only their natural instincts and their extreme hunger. They feel no pain, have no known rational thoughts and they will eat anything not infected with the disease.
You, are one of the lucky ones who managed to hide in a bomb shelter. Now, after a few weeks of living off rations, you must try to survive the aftermath and escape the city.

As you search for a means of escape, you will uncover all the documented events leading up to and after the Zombie Apocalypse.

Game Overview
Zombie Apocalypse is a First Person Shooter, mixed with a classic action adventures game such as Sam & Max hit the road or the Leisure suite larry series. Theres is also a splash of a role playing game in the leveling and character creation.

The player is a survivor of an initial zombie outbreak, and must complete several quests in order to escape the quarantined city full of undead. The goal of the game is not only to escape the city, but to solve the mystery of why there are zombies, and even stop them.

The player must use all of their skills in order to travel from building to building, room to room, and search in all the cupboards, desks and filing cabinets in order to stock up on items and ammo. The player has a limited amount of carrying capacity and must take what they think is needed, if the player is alone, they have a larger carrying capacity, but playing with friends, they have a smaller carrying capacity and must communicate what is needed and who can carry what.

If the player encounters any one of the several types of undead creatures in the game, they must either fight the undead, or flee from it. This is because the zombie will be screaming and pretty soon the populace of an entire city will be after the players with an intent to eat them.

The game is over after they manage to avoid the undead, collect the items they need, search for more items they need, build vehicles, and ultimately escape the city. If all the players are killed by zombies and turned undead, the game is also over.

Key Features

Quest based gameplay
-The player must search for his items and ammo. In this endeavor, they will come across plot items and they will have to figure out how to use them in order to complete the game. For example they may discover a fuse, there would be several places to use a fuse but the player must decide the best place to use it

Stealth focused
-there are an infinite amount of zombies in the sewers of the city below the player, so the player must avoid the undead so they dont wake the entire undead populace, if a zombie sees a player it will call out to other zombies while it attacks the player, they player must flee or destroy the zombie before another zombie arrives and they call for more zombies too

Many player multiplayer
-this game can feature an almost infinite amount of players, but is designed around 3-6
-for every player in the game, all the other players carry less and there are more items spawned, and more enemies

Character customization
-Similar to D&D Character creation, the player receives a number of stats at the beginning of the game and can lower one skill to increase another
-this will give more dynamic creation of classes, such as a brawler, or a mechanic, or a sprinter

-The player may not notice it, but behind the scenes, the player increases their stats over time by doing tasks, such as searching through cupboards will increase their searching skill, and thus lower the time it takes to search an area

-Players may come across certain vehicles and with the right tools, they will be able to repair and use them.
-The ground vehicles would offer protection from the undead, as well as help the player move across the city
-A repaired helicopter could help the player escape the city

Free roaming environment
-The city is quarantined around its borders, but there's a lot of city to explore

Item pickups
-all items can be used as weapons, you find a rock and use it to hit

Physics damage
-Players can throw any weapon on hand

Dynamic gameplay
-the levels can be created in a modular form, which will allow the players to create their own levels using an in game level editor
-all items will shuffle through the searchable areas and as such, will enforce the player to search everywhere and no play-through will be the same
-the zombie spawner will create unique zombies, such as slow zombie with a low attack or vice versa, so every encounter is different
-there is also different stains of zombie suited for different tasks

Several different endings
-with several quest trees, such as call for help, or fix a helicopter, if the player completes that string of objectives, they will escape the city in one of several ways
-if the player fails a quest, that string of objectives is cut off, and the player must find another way to escape

Detachable limbs
-The zombies in the game all have limbs that can be broken and severed off
-This lowers the zombies speed, forces the to crawl or lowers their ability to attack the player
-zombies will also spawn with broken limbs or without limbs

Sub quests
-quests like, find the key code to the bunker, will be optional, but opens up a lot of options for the player

Discover the story
-the player is dropped into this environment, and does not know why the zombies are there, where they came from, or how they came to be. As they progress through the game they come across diaries, new papers, police reports, science texts, recordings. All the events leading up to the zombie apocalypse can be discovered and may require several playthroughs

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RSS Articles

The Zombie Apocalypse is Recruiting

here are the positions that needs to be filled:

Concept artists:
-level, we are looking for a london setting,
-characters, must know anatomy and must be able to help the modellers by drawing the characters in an orthographic view

Someone competent in unreal ed to make a greyblocked city out of bsps

Character modellers:
-able to complete 1 full character, including UVing and a basic texture

Texture artist:
-needed to polish the textures that are created by the character modellers


The code is going to be divided between the coders to lighten the load of the overworked existing coders
Please say if any of these are your forte
-enviroment interaction
-creating actors and pawns
-knowledge of volumes and spawning in volumes

We Hope to have a working build that includes ALL gameplay elements in it. In order to do that, we only want people who are as dedicated as the existing members of the team.

email me or send me a PM, or shout out to me on AIM
Aim id AlexZimich

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.2

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.2


Heres a new build for The Zombie Apocalypse this fixes (and I use that term loosely): Zombie Animations, zombies meshes Zombies Ai

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.1

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.1


The Zombie Apocalypse finally has its first public build.

A New Zombie

A New Zombie

News 1 comment

heres an update - Apart from new help, new builds decent progress, We also have made a new zombie. Now all we have to do is import him and get him running...

Detatchable limbs, broken bones, undead death

Detatchable limbs, broken bones, undead death


Some cool programming wizardry kicks off our video session

RSS Files
The Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 for PS3

The Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 for PS3

Demo 17 comments

Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 has been recoded and recompiled and it works for the ps3 version of UT3 It works, but needs to be optimized Hopefully it will be...

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.3

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.3

Demo 28 comments

This is version 0.3 of the Zombie Apocalypse we were gonna delay this and iron out some of the bugs but I decided we might as well upload it now It work...

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.2

The Zombie Apocalypse v0.2

Demo 8 comments

Heres Version 0.2 of the zombie Apocalypse several new things, mostly ascetic zombie wise, check it out we still need to get the zombies to continue fighting...

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Is this still alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

wtf happend?, this thing is promising a huge thing and i've seen your screen shots, looks like you had barricades done food ammo guns it was looking awesome but the only download i can find just puts zombies on a map of a totally normal ut3 game.....is this mod dead because it has high promise and i wanna know if theres any point gawking at how awesome this could be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I think that this Mod is dead but i will take scripts for it in udk and give a try and if it works then you will have credits for a free game , i will write the credits if i can get it to work in UDK.if not i will inspire from and i will still give the credits:D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lachadonan Creator

actually dude, we've gone pro

i now make indie games, check out www.godlikegames.com,, we have nothing there yet since nothing has been announced but we are working on several retail games for the ipod

Be glad that i LOVE zombies and this is my game that i want to totally make, even though it is eating up what little free time i have

so no, you cannot have the resources for the game, the mod isn't dead, and if any of our media, resources or intellectual property copyrights are somehow violated,

that would totally suck :P

Reply Good karma+2 votes

very cool looking I cant wait for this to be done!! wait, if I have the UDK can I play this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

the mod will be stand alone?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lachadonan Creator

theres 2 being worked on, one is stand alone and it is then ported so we can get it on the ps3 :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote

but there will be a stand-alone version for the pc, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lachadonan Creator

course :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ummmmmm I tried it and why is there no gun but it kills zombies in 1 shot?
I think its missing the shotgun model

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lachadonan Creator

we will get this working soon :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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